Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Future of Medford, the city

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Your Most Important News Feed in the City of Medford, Massachusetts
Stephanie Burke, King Herod the Great?

Donald vs Stephanie

The microcosm and the macrocosm

The danger of a dictatorship demands a free press.Our news site removed McGlynn's uncle from Medford Housing Authority leading to ouster of ultra-reprobate Bob Covelle.When this news source got rid of the despicable TV3 retired detective John J. McLean said "You won.You won...and the city is better off for it." We make your city better. Looking to hire a new City Solicitor, City Clerk, Mayor and a new Medford City Council and School Committee They've bullied us, we are charging ahead! Bye Vivian

Look What The Critics Are Saying: "Juvenile..." District Court Judge Elizabeth Cremens, "Delusional" Superior Court Judge Daniel Wrenn, "This is a ROLLING BAR FIGHT," (now retired) Judge Nancy Holtz looking at the TV3 paperwork, "You'd Better Get a Bodyguard" Atty David P. Skerry, Judge John Byers of the fictional TV show The Judge John Byers Show "The only legitimate media in Medford, Medford Info Central dot com!" They are all 100% correct!

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