Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Michael Marks Has to get some SPINE

Michael Marks voted against Cheryl Voight.
Shame on him for being aligned with Camuso.

Tonight, Mr. Marks did not favors intimidating this witness and - basically - giving me hand signals and smoke signals on how HE wanted me to handle Caraviello's vicious abuse of the first Amendment.

Mr. Marks Track Record on Free Speech rights is not that good, not good at all.  His position LOST in a court of law when Marks also censored CHERYL VOIGHT.

Joe Viglione on the air in Somerville as there is a huge
media blackout in the city of Medford, Massachusetts

Looking at City Hall with Mark Rumley as Solicitor and a blatant denial of a citizen's free speech rights.
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Superior Court. Middlesex, SS.
  • No. 200500163F. (Mass. Cmmw. Jan 30, 2007)


To their credit, Penta, Muccini-Burke, Lungo-Koehn and Uncle Bob all voted in the affirmative.   


In defensive of Michael Marks, he was under Camuso's spell for awhile - but his recent lack of spine shows him sliding back to "the dark side."