Monday, March 27, 2017

Heidi Riccio and the Varsity Coach Scandal - is there a Connection ????

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Former GLTS administrator Riccio goes to Medford VoTech


She was hired earlier this month, and will start July 29, 2013
Attempts to reach Riccio this week were unsuccessful.
(I BET!!!!)

The Varsity Coach exited the Medford Stage on June 30, 2015

14 days after I was SLUGGED by the Clerk of the City of Medford

And remember, Clerk William G. Farrell at Somerville District Court LIED under oath when an attorney threatened my life.

Farrell was UNDER SUBPOENA granted by Justice Maurice Flynn


NOW there may be no connection with the Varsity and the Joke Tech...but, then again,
maybe there is!

So the Varsity Coach scandal was swept under the rug, allegedly, on June 30, 2015

Can you say "Public Records Request for EXECUTIVE SESSION???"

And Witchio Heidi Riccio (say that 5 times fast) was hired on July 29, 2013

The former Greater Lawrence Technical School administrator who was falsely identified in a school press release as recipient of an educator of the year award, was hired as director of Medford Vocational Technical High School.
Heidi Riccio, 43, of Salisbury, separated from her job as director of career and technical education at Greater Lawrence shortly after she was placed on leave following revelations she was identified in a GLTS press release containing her picture and a quote as “Educator of the Year” by the New York City-based Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE).
Roy E. Belson, superintendent of Medford Public Schools, said he and the interviewers were impressed by her experience and her answers to their questions about education. He views the erroneous press release as a result of miscommunication, and that he would not have acted as Greater Lawrence Tech had.