Thursday, March 23, 2017

Video Exhibit A in Impeachment of Stephanie Muccini Burke

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On Wednesday March 22, 2017 Stephane Muccini-Burke appeared in front of four residents at 6 PM, Alden Chambers city hall.  With 57,000 to 60,000 residents in this city, and only four people showing up - including this writer - 

View 14 minutes and 22 seconds of the event here
March 22  Department Info Session (Topic TBA)  6:00-7:00pm   Medford City Hall, Alden Chambers

Mrs. Burke exclaimed "There are more department heads here than residents" (paraphrased.)  I counted seven employees of the city,   Oh my God, she is stating the obvious no matter how devastating it is to her credibility.

Captain Kevin Faller (Senior Internal Affairs Investigator) - who investigated Stephen Lebert for Internal Affairs; officer Paul Covino, Fire Chief Frank Gilberti, Mrs. Burke and about four or five others ostensibly on the city payroll were there to speak to the public.  Problem is, when you have a mayor this unpopular, the public doesn't care to show up..  How disrespectful to city employees for this mayor to have an open meeting and only four of fifty-seven thousand or so members of the public show up!

Mrs. Burke treats the citizens of Medford with contempt. She doesn't show up at city council meetings, the sycophants who surround her, the Ken Krause types, the Paul Lehrman jokers up at Tufts, no rational thoughts 

Meanwhile there are 100 views on this writer's "Facebook Live" as of 12:05 am March 23, over 25 times the views/attendance that Muccini-Burke herself obtained
There are 105 views of the Committee of the Whole, thus far, which I published on Facebook Live Tuesday, March 21, 2017.

It may be the first time in Medford's history that an entire Committee of the Whole in Room 207 was ever published for the entire world to see - and more people watched my Facebook feed than attended this meeting.  Councilor Michael Marks and Councilor John Falco seemed pleased with my work.  

The Mayor's Facebook page promoting the 3/22/17 event has currently No "likes," no "comments" (as of 12:32 am, 3/23/17)  - just throw it out on Facebook and hope for the best.   Here is that post.

Come by City Hall tonight for a 'Know Your City' info session about Public Safety and what's up in the Health Department, Department of Public Works, and Police and Fire Department. 6-7 pm in the Council Chambers at Medford City Hall.

The battering citizens have faced for attempting to speak at the city council - overpaid and unqualified Adam Knight and Fred Dello Russo, Jr. shuffling papers, slamming doors so that the public cannot properly hear a Jeanne Martin or a Bob Penta, Richard F. Caraviello allowing my good friend Roy Belson to speak but then shutting me off before I could give the citizens pertinent information about the 1 million dollars being spent on Vocational/Technical as published in the Medford Transcript, Alex Ruppenthal's reporting.   

What does Mrs. Burke expect?  The maltreatment of citizens - the false charges filed on a citizen - her abuse of the public from one corner of her mouth while claiming - falsely - to be an "inclusive" mayor.  The Peter Principle has kicked in and Mrs. Muccini-Burke has risen to the level of her own incompetence.

But don't you think Captain Faller and Chief Gilberti have better things to do than speak to four residents on company time?

And equally important - had Mrs. Burke listened to me and allowed me to have an interim access TV station with a van and two cameras, the room would have had a much larger attendance and it would have been properly recorded.  The vital information given to a room with three people (I had to leave for a business meeting in Woburn) was an absurd waste of city resources.  A clueless mayor who wastes the time of city employees, wastes taxpayer monies, wastes our resources on individuals in the corner office as unqualified or even more unqualified than Mrs. Burke herself - and a city solicitor and chief of police who have long worn out their welcome.   Why wasn't Chief Sacco at Room 207 on March 21?   Where was Mark E. Rumley for the almost 122k he receives.  Do you really want Paul Covino sitting in a chair with few people there for ninety one thousand dollars? 

Rumley's Salary 121,878.64, 
Detective Mackowski $78,706.87, 
Paul Covino $91,299.93, 
Chief Sacco $129,787.93.  

Why wait until November.  This video that I published today should be Exhibit A in impeachment proceedings against this wasteful, egotistical, unqualified alleged "mayor."

Joe Viglione