Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Free Speech in Medford - Joe Viglione Fights for Medford Citizens' Rights

Free Speech in Medford

Well, Visual Radio is back in a big way, inside my radio show we go LIVE on the air of the TV station - a TV show inside the radio show!

Today was a terrific 2nd show with a co-host and a legendary guest.

There's no public access TV in Medford, currently, so we residents have to have memberships where other cities allow it.

The popular show is getting even MORE popular as it goes out on television as well as other online sites.
City Hall Medford can't stand the new technology, and certain city councilors are getting into a sticky arena!

We have just begun to fight.
Quotes of Note:

JV: I have won FOUR LAWSUITS in a row

Rick Caraviello:   Five soon

JV: Yes, after I sue you and win again!

March 28, 2017 prior to the city council meeting
March 28, 2017, prior to the council

Rick Caraviello: "I'm the #1 SOB in Medford"

Joe Viglione: "Don't flatter yourself, Rick; that honor is reserved for the former mayor, however, you ARE on the list."

March 28, 2017 Prior to the council meeting

Rick Caraviello: "I am a Buffoon"

Joe V:  "And that's my headline tonight.
More to come.  What an insufferable jackass!