Monday, March 27, 2017

On Boston Herald Radio, Stephanie Exhibits STUPIDITY

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390 on the overnight 8pm - 7:30 am
Betcha Dumb Old Steph is more "nervous" about the Varsity Coach Scandal!

Vegas giving 10-1 odds!!!!


Mayor Stephanie Burke is "very nervous" about the traffic that the incoming Everett casino will bring to Medford, she said in an interview with Boston Herald radio Wednesday.

Burke told the "Herald Drive" show that her primary concern is Wellington Circle, where anyone who attempts to navigate the intersecting circles even now knows it can be no picnic. (Patch reporters who spend many days at the Starbucks at Station Landing can attest.)

“We are really nervous about [the traffic]," Burke said. "It’s going to impact our Wellington area, which is where I grew up. So we're really focused."

Former Mayor Michael McGlynn signed a compact agreement that will see Medford get funds once the casino is up and running. Some of that money will go to traffic studies at Wellington Circle, Burke said.