Friday, March 31, 2017

TIPSY THE HAIRDRESSER - the drunk barber, Christine, is not Christine Barber...not that we know of.

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Parody of someone on the public payroll who allegedly finds time during the work day to allegedly cut the hair of some of the employees. A tangential relationship to someone across the street about to be impeached!  Stay tuned! Oh, do stay tuned...creepy stuff!

M.W.  'MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE The Wreck of the Hesperus!" the court clerk declared.

Tipsy was stumbling in her hair salon/home again.

M.W. Judge Maurice is going to send me to detention when he sees this haircut.

Tipsy: I'll respond after I have another sip. good.   Look, you get a free limo service since my good for nothing husband is out of work.

M.W.  OUT OF WORK?  You drank all the profits!  And by the way, how the hell do you get out of work to cut hair while other people are slaving away?

Tipsy: Well, if you grant me immunity in exchange for this drunken, god-awful haircut, I'll tell you who punches my time that we got rid of the Wicked Witch of the West as Executive Director

M.W. I didn't hear that...I know nothing...nothing...

Limo pulls up to the tune of "Love Will Keep Us Together"...not Neil Sedaka's version, the big #1 cover of his song...

to be continued

oh, Tipsy...have another drink...your husband is busy busy busy stalking me, he won't see it, I will be your decoy!  Drink up, Love!

Time Card Tipsy
Medford's vagabond gypsy
her no good husband is a d___
which is why she loves to drink!

Hey, Judge Cremens called this blog juvenile for good reason!  But there's nothing funny about having someone manage your time card on PUBLIC MONEY while you moonlight, and your husband's best pal / Dufus Svengali is the biggest moonlighter and perjurer in Medford...bigger than old Prankie...and that's damn big