Friday, March 31, 2017

Classless City Council "President" has to be Removed, Impeached or possibly INDICTED

Allegations of lying under oath during a criminal trail are serious matters.

IF an elected official is under scrutiny, it would mean the next guy up should take his place.

That would be Neil Osborne as the next city councilor.

I fully intend to press charges against an individual in Medford who I believed was less than honest, under oath, in a court of law on January 31, 2017.

Stay tuned.

In the primary, Fred Dello Russo Jr. only
got 1645, Rick Caraviello ONLY 1626


Then, Dello Russo gets 5363 in the General Election???? How the hell does that happen?

Caraviello 5201???? just two months later?

FALCO 6170 to lead the list.  How does that happen for a first timer?  We know that
Mr. Falco is popular with parents of students...but 6170 is a bit extreme, in my opinion, knowing a little something about Medford politics. Falco got 2043 in primary.

Neil Osborne  4360
Chris Daveta 4034
Mark Crowley 4030

William O'Keefe 3844