Thursday, May 11, 2017

drunken Trump Supporter at Medford Chevalier Theater???

SEE IT: Drunken Trump supporter arrested after verbal attack on Muslim family in Texas (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE - is it the same allegedly drunken bum married to a mayor who verbally assaulted a gay senior citizen in October of 2015?)

Alexander Jennes Downing, 35, was arrested May 3 and taken into custody by the South Padre Island Police for the reported public intoxication incident, which involved Downing shouting slurs and threats to a family nearby.
Downing, a Connecticut native, also made inappropriate gestures toward the group, who had children in their presence at the Texas beach.
A member of the victimized family, Noria Alward, recently uploaded the fiery footage to Youtube, which has since gone viral.
Donald Trump MxxxFxxx"   Sxxx my dxxk 

What an embarrassment, acting like a vulgar clerk of courts harassing senior citizens with the same dirty language and foul mouth.

And Stephanie Muccini-Burke stuck her tongue down the throat of that dirty filthy jerk?...allegedly? about vulgar!

File under: Phobic Stephanie

Case involving city council president tossed out of court