Thursday, May 11, 2017

Edward P. Finn is a COWARD, a despicable, violent coward in the clerk's office

Edward P. Finn failed to show up in court!

"He's not my clerk"  Stephanie Muccini Burke at La Cascia's Bakery Wed. 5-10-17

I paid good money for a sheriff to serve Finn and Finn failed to show!

Public servant or big fat coward?

January 30, 2017  12:28 pm

Hello Mr. Finn,

My lawyer asked me to contact you to remind you of the subpoena and that the trial is on for tomorrow.

Thank you.

Joe Viglione  

Case involving city council president tossed out of court

Edward P. Finn, the man who slugged me, never showed up in court.

The big bad bully backed down and ran like the coward, like the simpering wimp that the ex-football player truly is.

The loser coward will hit you "from behind" (no cameras around,) make claims that Stephanie Burke Would Win The Election after his unprovoked assault on a gay senior, and then the dirty rat is too afraid, too fearful, too cowardly to show up in a court of law.

Big old coward going around slugging people.

Viglione defeated Caraviello and Finn in a court of law, in a civil manner.

Caraviello and Finn lose in criminal court!

Finn by virtue of being violent and being a bully, and then running like a sissy..."Slugger Finn" ran like the abusive joke that he is instead of being a man and showing up in court. That slob.

Finn didn't want to be Caraviello - looking like a deer-in-headlights, admitting on the witness stand that he is on the list of the Top 10 sons of bitches in Medford.

Edward P. Finn is a coward who will hit you in the dark, but doesn't have the balls to show up in a court of law.

He takes your money and doesn't do the real work of the people.

Fire that dirty rat before he touches another vote in the city of Medford.

Case involving city council president tossed out of court