Friday, May 12, 2017

Jehlen to Step Down? Christine Barber to go after Jehlen's Seat??????

Oh it's coming in so very hot and heavy now, and we believe what we are hearing.

Hear hear!   Here are the rumors today

Pat Jehlen to step down.

Christine Barber to go after Jehlen's seat

Prompting thoughts that Erin DiBenedetto may run for State Rep again.

Powerful and Popular Mayor Joe Curtatone to support his very good pal George Scarpelli so that the two of them will run Somerville/Medford

At 5:20 I put in a phone call to Scarpelli to hire me as the Program Director of the new Medford TV station.     That's right...hey...I've been doing this awhile, popular Scarpelli can use a good man like me putting REAL access TV on the air.

A restaurant owner is thinking of running for council IF Scarpelli is running for mayor.    I'll give you a hint - I asked him to turn the lights down because I was getting blinded by Falco and Scarpelli sitting at the bar...didn't bring my sunglasses to dinner, y'know....

If that's correct, the former president of a soon-to-be-shuttered 501c3 that once operated in the city -  who - rumor has it - also wants to run for city council - though he can't talk to me as I have a no-contact order on him for the next few weeks - well, pretty hard to run for office in Medford when one lives on the New Hampshire border as he allegedly does.

Far-out rumors:

State Rep Pal J. Donato, my Pal, not Paul, now that he sent me a birthday card last week, is stepping down for Kathleen Brady to run for his seat.  Mike McGlynn must be buying lots of pots and pans from Mr. Donato to make that happen!

McGlynn wants to keep Stephony in for another two years to then throw Stephanie under the bus for his daughter.

However, you now have these candidates running for Mayor

Anthony D'Antonio
Joe Viglione
Bob Penta
Johnny Byers
George Scarpelli
Stephanie Muccini-Burke

if we are to believe the tea leaves

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