Wednesday, August 30, 2017


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Just got a letter from the Supervisor of Records today.

YOUR MAYOR is non-compliant in my request for the information on Muccini-Burke.

RE: SPR17/1186 Stephanie Muccini-Burke's non compliance with my request 

Dear Attorney Scanlon and Medford High School Records officer:

I sent a request for the Certificate of Receipt of Open Meeting Law Materials.

The high school records officer told me to fetch this document from violent Ed Finn, the City Clerk that clearly attacked me.  That phony trial Rick Caraviello had could not have happened unless Finn had committed a crime so that Caraviello could feign he was a "witness."  

No wonder Mrs. Burke wants that parking offender, Ann Marie Cugno, to take Caraviello's place.  

Why tell an over-60 person to go to the office of an individual who assaulted me?  Caraviello admitted under oath that Ed Finn was involved in a yelling incident.  Why tell me to go to Mr. Finn for a School Committee issue?????

I am offended that a simple request for a document during an election cycle has Muccini-Burke again dragging her feet.

But it is equally offensive that rather than the high school hand the document over, with Mrs. Burke being the Chair of the School Committee, I am told to go to the city clerk's office, an individual that committed a physical assault on a person over 60.l

Why didn't the records officer tell me to go to Attorney Scanlon, who handles those matters for city hall?  Because after Mr. Belson's offense "Mr. Piglione" letter you clearly wanted to annoy me with Mr. Finn, the bully.  This is unfair.  

The Supervisor of Records wrote me today and someone has been assigned to the case.  Alicia Palmer should have a copy of  the correspondence in today's mail.
DO NOT send me to Ed Finn's office.  Any correspondence with Finn can be handled through the solicitor's office, or the office of diversity.  Neil Osborne is being CC'd in this matter.  I would like to file a complaint on the idea of sending a person filing a public record's request to the office of an ex-football player who assaults people if he doesn't like them.



Joe Viglione