Monday, August 28, 2017

Indict Stephanie

1,043,489@1:51 pm
1,043,287@8:40 am
1,043,101@ 11:51 pm
1,043,061@10:07 pm
1,043.042 @9:48 pm

Ed Finn is useless

McGlynn is running the show

Cugno in to replace Caraviello

Knight sounds like he sucked on a helium balloon. 

And is...a loon

Cugno cares?  More like Cugno hates

Don't you find it odd to now have an African American diversity director in a city hall with little or no diversity?

Hey Neil, are there no men in the corner office because McGlynn is the de-facto mayor?

Universal Pictures to sue David McKillop for plagiarizing their film The Invisible Man

Belson bought a diamond studded leash for when he has to walk Van der Fruit

The high school kids wanted to haze George Scarpelli with a broomstick but were afraid of getting grounded if they couldn't retrieve the broom from all that blubber

McGlynn assured Falco 7,000 votesin the primary...the Feds showed concern when only 2000 residents showed to vote 
 ...and Ed Finn worked so hard signing those 5001 ballots!!!

For his punishment Dello Russo made Falco retrieve the broomstick from Scarpelli... head first

Freddy seemed awfully happy slapping the Vaseline on Falco's head getting him ready for re-entry

At least Belson has the diamond studded leash if he has to send Van der Fruit in to fetch the broom of the wicked witch...and pull Falco out as well

File under:  Jonah and the whale