Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Medford Citizens Hungry for News 8:19 pm August 16

1,036,875 @ 8:24 pm
1,036,866 @ 8:19 pm
30 page views, 8 pm - 8:24 pm, over a page view a minute!

Mrs. Cugno brought this upon herself.

Huge page views in the Cugno Expose'.

Cugno lands 5, 6, 7 in the new top 10

Medford Police Misconduct hits #1
No surprise.  Lawsuit is in be filed soon...stay tuned

"Police must therefore, have contradicted the Defendant s allegations that a criminal assault had occurred."    Motion that a judge got to read!  More judges to read it, and soon!!!

Does a certain detective even know the meaning of the word "contradicted?"

Will Ed Finn be put on trial for assault on a man over 60 and for contempt of court for failing to show up while under subpoena?   We hope so! And we are working on just that!

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