Saturday, August 26, 2017

1,041,618. I Know How to Make People Smile

1,041,712 @ 11:36 pm
1,041,689 @ 11:17 pm
1,041,618 @ 7:38 pm

Some broad cuts me off as I am exiting the grocery store in Woburn. Two handsome men are with her

I look at the guys with a twinkle in my eye and said "elder abuse"

One of the guys burst out a big smile and laughed

He and his buddy would have bigger smiles if they dumped the broad and came home with me

Thankfully violent Ed wasn't at this MB. I caught him stalking me here once

Six minutes later at 6:44 pm they are coming out of the store as I'm leaving...serendipity!    

Were they stalking me?  One could only hope...

Dump the broad!  No admission without dumping the broad!*

*Ask me to guess what they were doing?

Well, with a case of Coca Cola methinks they were going to watch the Mayweather / McGregor fiasco

The way that hussy was storming into the store with no thought of senior citizens she wanted to barrel over, what else could it be?

Fight card -- 9 p.m. ET on Showtime PPV
Floyd Mayweather (-400) vs. Conor McGregor (+300)
Gervonta Davis (-3000) vs. Francisco Fonseca (+1100)
Badou Jack def. Nathan Cleverly
Andrew Tabiti def. Steve Cunningham via unanimous decision

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s defensive genius has made him the easiest boxer in history for opponents to miss. Early on, it was the high-powered promoters and executives who failed to accurately assess his earning potential. Money Mayweather still hasn’t forgotten.

For the last bout of his career, Mayweather is avenging the perceived slights he suffered at the beginning of his illustrious career. Renowned as a fiendishly driven gambler, the greatest bet Mayweather placed was the $750,000 he laid down on himself in 2006, when he rejected an $8 million contract for a fight and bought out his contract with Top Rank in order to promote himself. Though his opponent this weekend will be MMA star Conor McGregor, a welcome ancillary target for Mayweather is HBO.

11;17 pm

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