Wednesday, August 16, 2017

School Committee Asked To Take NO CONFIDENCE vote in Mrs. Cugno

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Police Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr.
Park Medford
557B Main St
Medford MA 02155
Phone: 781-874-0051

RE: Mrs. Cugno Breaks the law during council meeting

Vice Chairperson Ann Marie Cugno
871 Fellsway

Dear Fire Chief Gilberti -

Please do the right thing and fine Mrs. Cugno for violating the law established to protect the citizens of Medford.

Note the photos (below) of a Mercedes Benz illegally parked, endangering the students a school committee person is supposed to protect, and Mrs.Cugno jumping up immediately after I informed the city council of the car parked in the fire lane.

Your Honor - she's guilty as charged.  She stood up when this journalist didn't even mention names, just said "an elected official parked illegally" (paraphrased.)

We pay to park, Cugno parks illegally.  Cugno jumps up when exposed, on camera and removes all doubt as to who it was violating the law.


Mrs. Cugno shrugged it off ..."The kids" she said sneering to me in a condescending tone when I informed her that she parked in a fire lane when the children were working on marching band practice.  She just didn't give a damn about the students.  And with the time stamps on my photos, one can estimate she was in the fire lane for the better part of 2 hours.

School Superintendent Mr. Roy Belson was just as guilty as Cugno. 

A person in authority (I have a photo of Belson as well) shrugging his shoulders when I pointed out Mrs. Cugno's flagrant violation of the law.

Belson, as usual, did nothing.  So many parents - and the Diversity Director, Neil Osborne, requested that Belson step down, yet the superintendent cares more about his bloated paycheck than what the voters and citizens of Medford want.  Shame on him.

Everyone else at the meeting parked properly. 

What is alarming is that Mrs. Cugno is the alleged hand-picked successor to Rick Caraviello on the city council; hand-picked by Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke.

If Mr. Caraviello wants to believe all the praise that Burke lavished on him recently, he should listen to a certain tape recording it is alleged is out there of Burke allegedly telling Cugno not to worry, the allegation that Burke praising Caraviello was all part of an act. 

1)Enclosed are photos of a Mercedes Benz illegally parked in a fire lane
during the August 15, 2017 meeting of the Medford City Council. I have many, many photos of a school committee person breaking the law and fully endangering the children of Medford who were engaged in band practice while the city council was in session.

2)Around 8:40 pm I spoke to the City Council about their failure to air my video of Pay to Park (Sept. 2014) and that an elected official would have the audacity to break the law and park in a fire lane WHILE THE CHILDREN OF MEDFORD were having band practice.  Roll the tape and see the expose of the hypocrite elected officials who say one thing and do another.

3)The citizens of Medford have this phony pay-to-park scam forced on them, and Mrs. Cugno flips the bird to the taxpayers and breaks the law.

And she thinks she will be on the city council of Medford.


IF a fire truck was dispatched to the school, Ann Marie Cugno's Mercedes Benz would have been in the way, in a fire lane.

You can clearly see the license and the Mercedes Benz parked in a fire lane when there's a TON of parking in the school parking lot.

Mrs. Cugno is on the Medford School Committee and is running for City Council. Here she is caught breaking the law and in a condescending tone said to me "The kids..." when I noted to her that the children, YOUR CHILDREN, Medford, were having marching band practice.

Chief Gilberti - here are the photos, it is time to hold these elected officials accountable.  They do as they please, rip us off by cheating and gaming the system, and they want to be called the "Honorable City Council."

Mrs. Cugno started videotaping me in the parking lot (Witness Intimidation?)  I told her she could tape me all she liked, I was legally parked and she was not.

It was as if Charlie Manson started taking pictures of prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, a former guest (twice) of my TV show.  The culprit takes photos of the investigative reporter.  This is the kind of woman Muccini-Burke is prepping to be on the city council?  God help us and save us.

Attention Mayor Burke: Please add me to the September 12, 2017 calendar to speak at the school committee about this incident.  I am bringing a photo display.

I intend to speak at the next meeting of the Medford School Committee and demand that Cugno be sanctioned and a note of NO CONFIDENCE be taken by the school committee. The voters have a chance to expel Mrs. Cugno from local politics this November.  Enough is enough.

Photo 1  Mercedes Benz illegally parked during band practice

Photo 2  Mrs. Cugno running to move car after she was exposed