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McKillop, Rodriguez, Scarfo Political Meet 8-13-17 Video

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Transferring Facebook Live to YouTube.  Will post here

Enclosed is a tiny url  Medford Politics 

Enclosed are two links from today's get together.
This week was pretty amazing  (information in a private email, not to be published here)

And in Medford  Malden Access TV is on page 2 of the Transcript.

Every single political event needs to be promoted the way (described in the e mail)

In Medford, Stephanie Burke and Anne Marie Cugno have the edge, and it is not a little edge, they have a huge advantage.  My crystal ball says that Burke, Scarpelli, Cugno, Dello Russo, Falco, Knight, Caraviello will beat up on Breanna Lungo Koehn - they are drooling at pushing Marks from sixth place to eighth place - and it looks like they have the team and coalition to do just that, 

Was hoping that Michael Marks and Tony D'Antonio - two veterans - would be proactive and build a team, gather people together and say "Get ten more people to get excited about this election, and let them get 20 more" and exponentially build a coalition to go after the three headed dragon, McGlynn / Burke / Belson.  

But, alas, we have no such team, and as much as I like Tony and Mr. Marks as people, they looked like Gilligan and the Skipper auditioning for the rag tag fleet known as Battlestar Galactica.  

Don't laugh, it's not a joke.  We have no team, and we have little leadership here.  This is a crisis.

If you think Donald Trump is a disaster with his alt-right KKK French kissing, wait until Stephanie Burke bulldozes everything that you love about Medford.  She is the destroyer and all the momentum that we had with Bob Penta last year has evaporated.   Once she neutralized Bob the entire winnings at the card table were hauled in by Stephanie Burke and Ed Finn.

they hit the jackpot   at your expense.  And no one has the ability to BUILD a coalition, certainly not the mayor's opponent, all due respect.

David McKillop seems like a nice guy - and the way his campaign is moving along at a snail's pace, all due respect, Stephanie has to be his biggest fan.  Until he takes the gloves off and goes a few rounds Mrs. Burke is going to be the winner by default.

David - Stephanie Muccini-Burke just LOVES you!

What I saw today was not encouraging.     People moan about having no access station, yet I'm out there printing the public records requests, open meeting law violations, and getting ready to sue the city.

Mr. McKillop needs to slap a restraining order, an injunction, on Stephanie Burke, force her to open access TV to all candidates, and show the citizens he has the integrity and the guts to take her on.

David won't.  Don't hold your breath.   David McKillop is Stephanie Burke's dream come true.  I just don't see that he has the fight in him, and she does.

That, my friends, is the ballgame.

Let's have a Thank You party for Michael Marks now, thank him for his service, and  congratulate Stephanie and Cugno.

The game is already over.   

They've positioned themselves magnificently, and there is not enough juice in the opposition to do a damn thing about it.

a friend of mine said to me on the phone "You give too much free advice.  They will never respect it."  He's right.

I've given y'all over a dozen years of service, took out the Mayor's uncle, Bob Maiocco, TV3, and won so many times in court that 
Mark Rumley will be begging judges to let him avoid a subpoena.  

Last time he got one I bounced him off the witness stand for being "irrelevant."

So you tell me, what is more effective?  A lowly citizen pro se (without attorney) removing a city solicitor from a witness stand in a court of law, with a judge labeling Rumley's testimony "irrelevant"

Or Michael Marks barking at Rumley and Rumley barking back.  Ruff Ruff.     

Who do you think Rumley is more afraid of in a court of law?  Michael Marks or yours truly?    

That's a rhetorical question.

So why does a citizen, with less power than a councilor, have to continually do the heavy lifting and the bare-knuckles fighting?

We don't pay 30k a year to be insulted by six of the seven city councilors, with only Breanna Lungo Koehn standing up to fight the bullies in the proper way, and - frankly - it's just not enough.

This "rally" should have been at Carroll's, that should be our meeting place, we should be YELLING about the Cradock Bridge travesty, we should be united as a team.

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