Thursday, August 17, 2017

Caraviello Stalking His Prey/Victim @ Medford High School 2:30 pm

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Caraviello Stalking Activities

11/3/15  @ VFW yelling at me

05/19/17  @ my home, jaywalking
07/15/17  @ Central St. yelling in my car
07/16/17  @ Salem St blasting horn at me
08/17/17 @ Medford High School where the school knew I was going to be via e mail correspondence.

11/3/17  @ VFW yelling, twice  "Thank you for your support" - Yelling at me!
3/28/17  City Council badgering me, calling the police
5/19/17  1:20 pm  Jaywalking at my home
7/15/17  Saturday, yelled into my car window at 10:57 am on Central 7/16/17 Blasted his car horn at me while I was doing laundry 7:30 pm or so on Route 60
8/17/17   2:30 pm Medford High where I was scheduled to pick up a DVD of her royal highness, Stephanie Muccini-Burke


Notice it is always halfway through the month in 2017 that Richard F. Caraviello oh so "coincidentally" (NOT!) shows up wherever I am.  Isn't that strange?

Medford High School was expecting me to show up to pick up a DVD of Stephanie Muccini-Burke on 8/17/17.  

I have e mails to prove that I was scheduled to pick up the Stephanie DVD today.  I will retain the envelope with my name and address neatly printed on a label.  The personnel department there can verify that I was obtaining the Muccini-Burke DVD.

If you include Nov 3, 2015 when the stalker showed up to yell at me at the VFW, this is the fifth stalking incident within two years, the other three happening in May and July of 2017.  Enough is enough!

Is Caraviello fixated on me?

Forget about my big fat Greek wedding, how about my big, fat city council stalker!

So why would a big overweight slob that yelled into my car on a Saturday morning, blasted his car at me on a Sunday night, jaywalked across from my home on 5/19/17 show up where I was scheduled to be - Medford High School!!!   
---Rick Caraviello, who:

a)Yelled in my car window at 10:57 am on Saturday 7/15/17
b)Blasted his car horn at me while I was doing laundry on 7/16/17 at 7:30 pm or so on Route 60

c)harassed me while at the council meeting of 3/28/17 simply in retaliation for losing in criminal court on 1/31/17 where I believe Caraviello (allegedly) perjured himself in regards to moonlighting on the city council...

The fact that - with a straight face - the city solicitor is trying to defend those indefensible people and fracture the First Amendment, is appalling given your statement to a retired judge, as published in the Medford Mercury November 16, 2008:

Notice the lovely parking lot, courtesy of No Joy Roy Belson

The Getaway Car

Now this is just as creepy.

This hole in the parking lot shows nothing of substance holding up said parking area.

It is a sinkhole waiting to happen, Roy!

What happens if Scarpelli, Camuso, Finn and Caraviello have a nude wrestling match atop the broken macadam?

We could lose them for all eternity which, of course, wouldn't be a bad thing.

  1. broken stone of even size used in successively compacted layers for surfacing roads and paths, and typically bound with tar or bitumen.

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Bonus photo   1:20 pm May 19, 2017 across the street from victim's home