Sunday, August 20, 2017

Gas Prices in Medford - Tony's Gas $2.17

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And the winner is...

TONY'S GAS at $2.17 for regular

$227.9  mid

$247.9  high test
Sunoco on Riverside ---Yikes, right near Commercial St.
However on the corner of the Fellsway
514 Riverside Ave

And Stop and Shop is charging $2.29 so you need 100 points ($100.00 in groceries) to pay two cents more than what Tony's Gas is charging.

BJ's Wholesale in Stoneham reportedly has the cheapest, haven't seen the price yet.  Will try to snap a photo tomorrow

The above pictures taken on August 20, Sunday

The photo below

behind the post office in Woburn August 19 
7:27 pm Saturday night

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