Tuesday, August 29, 2017


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Found on doorstep August 29, 2017

This is NOT the McKillop article that I am working on.  Be patient!   It is coming.
The David J. McKillop Sr. Dilemma - he claims to be "listening and compromising" with a bruising, crazy,. paranoid Mayor (Michael J. McGlynn) the puppeteer behind Stephanie Muccini-Burke. McKillop equates running a restaurant with running a city. Humbly I state, doing battle in court with Rumley, TV3, Detectice Mackowski, and beating them repeatedly, because investigative journalism frightens the Administration, gives someone a little bit more perspective than a restaurateur. 

The auteur (filmmaker, that would be moi) or the Top Chef (that would be Mr. McKillop, and we all know how the Top Chef saga ended.) 

Look at Jean Nuzzo's comment - "nothing about responsible development" while the skyline is changing everywhere.(head from the McGrath Highway to Medford and look at the skyline to your right, ever changing.) 

McKillop is NOT going for the jugular, word is that he's a tool that McGlynn put in so that Stephanie Muccini-Burke can waltz into the corner office without having to battle a Bob Penta. Well, they got their wish. A bunch of bad actors. 

Hillary Clinton and Bob Penta have a lot more in common than Robert M. Penta will admit: they both ran a cleaner campaign, they both were victorious, and they both had elections stolen from them. We have a nitwit in the White House and a nitwit at Medford City Hall. 

McGlynn is the puppeteer and he has no interest in serving the residents of Medford. Shamefully, Paul Donato, Pat Jehlen, former rep Carl Sciortino, Christine Barber and Sean Garballey could give a damn about their constituents. People wake up. 

It is one thing to read my observations, another to fight with everything that you've got, as I have and shall continue to do. 

Get up and fight, people. Fight with every fiber of your being. 

You are being ripped off, and David J. McKillop Sr. is not doing a damn thing to prove that he's the solution. 

Bon appetit.

 Wake up, Medford, and look at the man behind the curtain pulling Stephanie's strings...and possibly McKillop's as well