Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August 23, 2017 Wednesday Pop Explosion Radio Show

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You have to go to Somerville for free speech,

Part 1 of show
Terrific 2nd interview with Jonathan Edwards

Part 2   Jonathan Edwards

On today's Pop Explosion, "Fury In Your Eyes" to start things off, "I'm A Star," Mike's Concert Report, Laurence Juber "Won't Get Fooled Again" instrumental, Pete Townshend PSA, Frank's movie reviews and more!

1)Bonjour Aviators  Fury in Your Eyes
You can hear this song 9/30/17  in Hull!
2)Le Comte - I'm A Star
from the legendary 4 Star review song by the man Playboy Magazine called one of "Boston's 5 Best Bands."  Also called "Logical" by Judge LaMothe and "Delusional" by City Solicitor Rumley.

Mark, I wrote "I'm a Star" about people like you.

It's not's about ...about...
3)Concert Report

4)Laurence Juber of Wings "Won't Get Fooled Again"

5)Logan Lucky   Movie Review

6)Kidnap   Movie Review

7)The Glass Castle movie review

8)Jonathan "Sunshine" Edwards interview to 2 PM

9)Jonathan Edwards "She Loves You"
Beatles cover

10)Concert Report

11)Candy Reed "Give Me Love"

12)Lou Reed "Candy Says" with Antony

13)Bo Diddley  "Pills"

14)Roxy Music "Editions of You"

15)National Lampoon  "Magical Misery Tour"
with Melissa Manchester as "Yoko" and Tony Hendra as John Lennon with the amazing John Lennon interview that spawned the parody mixed in by Joe Vig's lunacy!
16)Third Rail  - Down High

17)Jonathan Edwards "People Get Ready"

18)Network: I'm Mad as Hell and NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE

19)The Guilloteenagers   "Fifty Seconds"

20)Highway Chapel    Nobody Cryin

21)Limestone Sun   On the Town

22)Jonathan Edwards    Get Together