Tuesday, August 22, 2017

City Council Candidate PROFILE #1 ADAM KNIGHT

In the 2015 election it is alleged that Adam Knight procured the services of a former board member of the detested Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., Matthew Page Lieberman.

Page-Lieberman had the distinction of being thrown off of a board of directors that was later frozen by the Attorney General's office as "law enforcement" is involved, according to a letter from the AG's office.  Specifically, they won't divulge details on MCC TV3 because it could impede "law enforcement."

Knight thought nothing of dealing with a reprobate listed in a police report - the alleged person of interest, in an attack at the city council in April of 2010.

Page-Lieberman allegedly told a minority woman to kill herself using carbon monoxide in a cyber-bullying episode on the internet.

KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES - Adam Knight is known by who he associates with, and Knight associates with the reviled Matthew Page Lieberman.  Think about it when you vote for ANYONE but Adam Knight.