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An Open Letter to Anne Marie Cugno and Stephanie Muccini-Burke 8/17/17 2:06 am

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School Committee Vice Chairperson Cugno
489 Winthrop Street
Medford, MA 02155
(781) 393-2101

To Council Candidate Cugno:

In 2015 someone had allegedly vandalized your sign and Neil Osborne's signs. I alerted you to be fair and you thanked me (email below)

Two years later you are campaigning to be on the city council.  I am speaking from experience having been in leadership positions at two AM radio stations (AM 1570 and AM 1670,) an FM station (93.7 FM)  and on a board of directors at the current station where I now broadcast (I and the station manager shut down the board once the new staff was in place; we now have an advisory board - on which I participate.)  On Wednesday (8/16) we instituted two new policies that are advancing the station, and which people are thrilled with.

That's what building community is about.  That is Joe Viglione caring about the majority by actions, not the lip service we get from your bumper sticker and e mail address.  "Cugno cares."  It's chillingly Trumpian when you behave the way you did on Tuesday night, August 15, at a city council meeting.

1)You parked in a fire lane.  What were you thinking when:'

a)there's a talented journalist with a camera on the loose in Medford... an investigative reporter who has one million thirty-seven thousand and thirty-seven page views on his website --- a popular news outlet which attracts a lot of attention

b)when you are running for a higher office.

2)When that little rotary that you took advantage of had parents driving through it to get their children, only the vice chair of the school committee parked her fat (as in expensive) Mercedes Benz in the way because she didn't feel like walking the 15 extra yards that she had to walk around 8:50 pm.  After she was exposed at the city council.

There were THREE empty parking spaces in the lot where you eventually parked when I arrived around 7:30 pm.  You didn't have to just park your car in a fire lane and display arrogance and poor judgment.  It's all about you, isn't it, Ann Marie?
So you eventually parked in that small lot reserved for the school which had three spaces open earlier in the evening. I have it on videotape, of course, your moving your vehicle after you were humiliated at the city council meeting.

Why couldn't you have led by example and parked there to begin with?

You are not the type of person that should be anywhere near our budget.  During the debates the public will be scrutinizing your record 

Here are two items regarding your work in soccer - the first is a portion of a public records request, the second is a Medford Patch article:

1)All documents regarding Anne Marie Cugno and Michael Cugno's participation in the corporation known as Medford Youth Soccer Inc. where they are listed on annual reports for 2005, 2006, 2007 - Mike Cugno as president and Anne Marie Cugno listed as clerk. I cannot find additional years with their names on the corporate documents however today, June 17, 2017, I did find Mr. Cugno's name on the Medford Youth Soccer Inc. Facebook page listed as an "at large member."  I have a screenshot of the page, ...

2)Ann Marie Cugno, a school committee member who is very involved with the soccer program, said she believed the termination was a result of tension between athletics and administrative departments at the high school.
“I feel there has been a fall person," she said. "That fall person is Mike Petrides.”

In my opinion you showed total lack of compassion for the children when you parked while they were practicing with the marching band.   You also showed a total lack of compassion for the kids when this writer came to you and the entire school committee to put a temporary access TV station in place to benefit this community.

This lack of action on your part makes it imperative that you give the residents all the details from your time as clerk of Medford Youth Soccer, Inc. as well as your husband's interactions with that corporation.

It is only fair, Mrs. Cugno, since you want to supervise the city budget, that you inform the residents you request a vote from of your background and how you "care," how you really operate in this "Cugno cares" sphere that you have bragged about, and be as transparent as humanly possible.


Now here is the reason why.

At the 8/15/17 city council meeting this journalist was a gentleman - did not name names, only noted that citizens are being ripped off vis-a-vis this pay-to-park scam that Mrs. Burke and Michael J. McGlynn forced on the city with zero input from the residents - ZERO - and that you, a city official, unbelievably flaunted the law that you want everyone else to abide by.

You are caught red-handed as a hypocrite, but here is where you dug yourself in even deeper - like a director of personnel allegedly covering up a sex crime at the high school.

You got up fifty seconds after my speech which didn't name names, and you exposed yourself as the guilty party.

Members of the city council appeared to be laughing at you, not with you, if you listen closely to the tape.

You then walked down a hall to run away from my camera, not courageous enough to talk to a journalist and give a simple apology to the public that pays you so well, a simple apology on camera.

Now this should send chills down the spine of every voter within the city limits.  As I'm videotaping you going to the illegally parked Mercedes Benz you whip out your cellphone and start intimidating the witness to your crime.

Outrageous.   As I said to you - I was legally parked, you were not, what was the point of taping a man who followed the rules, and who was doing his civic duty alerting the public to the unforgivable behavior by an elected official obstructing a fire lane while children were practicing marching band.

Your response to me, a negative, condescending "the children..." was ugly and another poor judgment call by a woman who already was proven to be unfit for the job she currently has, and certainly unfit to be on the city council.

The city council of Medford currently has George Scarpelli - accused of ignoring hazing incidents and currently defendant in a court case regarding that violent rape out in Otis Mass.

The council has Richard F. Caraviello who abused the police department, lost in criminal court on January 31, 2017, and who is a walking embarrassment.  Turn to the video of the school committee meeting the moment you got up to leave, about 154 minutes in...when you left the room Caraviello couldn't even pronounce the word.  Caraviello's performance was one of incomprehensible distress and awkwardness. 

You have Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr. who slams doors, makes noises when a former city councilor speaks, and who is a disgrace to the family name.

And Adam Knight, another self-serving fool who can't wait to praise Mayor McGlynn's daughter (on our thirty grand a year) and gush uncontrollably when he's congratulated for eight years of marriage. 

I ask you, Mrs. Cugno, with potholes and drug abuse and a multitude of issues, why does the city council indulge Knight in his buffoonery?   All he does is praise people he wants the vote of. 

If you don't believe me, go through each and every city council agenda and see how much work Dello Russo and Knight do (little to none,) and the massive amount of congratulations that tongue-tied inarticulate juvenile issues on a weekly basis to people unknown to most Medford citizens, people that Knight wants the vote of.

Knight campaigns for himself at just about each and every council meeting.

To add the misconduct of Ann Marie Cugno to the equation is providing "the nuclear option" to the fruit of the poisonous tree.  

Ann Marie Cugno joining this infested city council would be like adding rat poison to a nuclear waste site: it doesn't clean, it just makes the place even more toxic.
So there's Ann Marie Cugno in not very lady-like fashion acting like a jerk in the dark parking lot of the high school, afraid to get into her car to move it out of the fire lane, knowing I'm going to take film of your wrongful conduct anyway, and spazzing out - losing emotional control - because oh my God, someone caught her exactly as she is:

---unqualified for the position

not ready for prime time.

You proved, on camera, that you do not have the temperament to be on the school committee let alone the city council.

You spit in the face of those children and their parents, and you have the disgraceful Roy E. Belson and Stephanie Muccini-Burke as your enablers.

Belson, a disgusting individual with his vulgar "Mr. Piglione" letter, was identified by two petitions, but he didn't get the hint. A lot of parents HATE him.  Even the new Diversity Director, Neil Osborne, was polite in showing Mr. Belson the door, so don't blame me for pointing out the obvious: when the new director of diversity doesn't want the superintendent to stay in the position that he has hijacked - worn out his welcome long ago - why in God's name did Ann Marie Cugno VOTE for Belson, against the wishes of the parents / taxpayers who pay your salary.

If you say "the devil" made you do it, I would have to say "Calling Ms. Van der Kloot names is not very becoming, Ann Marie."  Because rumor has it Paulette was twisting arms to get people to vote Belson back in unanimously.

Thankfully, two voices were independent and spoke for everyone.

That didn't include you.

Mrs. Cugno, you need to recuse yourself from this election.

What you did was wrong.  You need to apologize, step down, and stay out of Medford politics.

People like you set a bad example for the children of Medford.  People like you are why Medford is falling apart.


Joe V

Medford Info Central

    * 10/11/15 at 8:46 AM
    * Joe Viglione
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Thank you Mr Viglione for letting me know.  I'll have my husband check it out. 

Take care, 
Ann Marie 

Ann Marie Cugno
Medford School Committee,
Massachusetts Association of School Committees,
Immediate Past President
871 Fellsway Medford, MA 02155

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Subject: Cugno sign down on Forest St.

Hello Candidate Cugno,

Your sign is down on Forest St., around 57 Forest St. or so.  I was out taking pictures today.

you may want to put it back up; someone keeps taking Neil Osborne's sign down on Salem St.
They put it back up and now it is down again 

Good luck with the election


Joe Viglione  


Bonus photo of No Joy Roy's Parking Garage, such as it is

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