Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mrs. Burke Appoints Cute Recovery Coach I recovered over my crush on the varsity coach with the new Recovery Coach

Though I attend a Christian Science Church, Paul Spencer's so cute I might want to take up opiods just to have a session with him!!! (Only kidding! My heart is with the varsity coach...sigh...)

Mayor Stephanie M. Burke’s submitted Fiscal 2018 City Budget to the City Council included a recovery coach position within the Board of Health to aid residents suffering from opioid addiction throughout the community.

This position will add value and provide access to additional resources for the residents of Medford, Burke said.

Paul Spencer has been appointed to the Recovery Coach position. Spencer brings recovery coaching experience based on training and personal knowledge, which allows him to engage, educate, and support those recovering from substance use disorders. He is a recovery and empowerment catalyst trained to guide people through the process while supporting recovery based choices, goals, and decisions.

...I mean, I've had cuter, obviously, but to quote Michael Douglas in the 2nd Wall Street movie "At my age, I'll take what I can get!"   :)