Sunday, August 13, 2017

How Stephanie Can Be Defeated, Mr. McKillop

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David McKillop's best chance to become the Mayor of Medford is to expose Stephanie Muccini-Burke for any infraction that violates her oath of office, most importantly, her obligations to the Constitution of Massachusetts and the United States of America.

Did Muccini-Burke, as director of personnel, hush up an alleged sex crime at the high school involving a teacher and a student, that student alleged to be the daughter of a powerful politician in this city.

Did Muccini-Burke intentionally swindle public access TV from the other candidates, abusing her position as "issuing authority" and utilizing the massive amounts of money in an inappropriate manner to benefit incumbents and herself?

Did Muccini-Burke violate the Open Meeting Law in regards to a radio / television committee formed at the high school on or about 2015?

Take those three topics first, Mr. McKillop, and immediately file a restraining order on Mayor Burke 
Historical note Oaths of Office for the Mayor and City Council are required by a provision in the City Charter. Oaths for Major Officers and Minor Officers are required by conditions expressed in the Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Ordinances of the City of Boston. The major officers include City Clerk, commissioners, heads of departments, commission members, board members, assessors, etc. The minor officers include constables, special police officers, weighers, undertakers, etc. By the twentieth century, the minor officers represented include primarily constables and weighers. In 1939, the City Clerk requested the School Committee members to swear an oath of office based on Chapter 18 of the Acts of 1927, an act relating to city and town officers. Prior to January 1, 1940, School Committee members were not required to take an oath. By ordinance passed December 23, 1862, each police officer before entering upon his duties was sworn to the faithful discharge of the duties assigned to him. The records of these oaths were kept in two volumes

The Administration of Stephanie Muccini-Burke, modeled after that of Michael J. McGlynn, has a mission statement of violating civil rights while exploiting the city's resources in a way that benefits those in power, but that is intentionally damaging to the taxpayers, ratepayers, businesses, civic groups and people of Medford.

The deck is stacked with dishonest Edward P. Finn in control as the city clerk, an individual who couldn't find a ten year contract for Comcast EVEN THOUGH THIS WRITER HAD PUT IN A PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST MONTHS BEFORE.

Mr. Finn has violated the First Amendment by censoring petitions that residents place on public file for the city council. How unethical of that individual to tamper with what people write, edit their words to fit his narrow vision - ostensibly to benefit the "insider's club" council members and not the residents.

Mr. Finn's friend, Council President Rick Caraviello, said under oath on 1/31/17 in Cambridge District Court that the ex-football player was engaged in a yelling incident.

Is that the kind of individual that you want officiating at weddings and being the public face of Medford?


Is the Mayor's husband, Brian S. Burke, in Lowell Superior Court or Middlesex Superior Court?

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