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Medford Media Blackout - a Joe Viglione Commentary

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"Viel feind, viel ehr" (Translation: many enemies, much honour)  Georg von Frundsberg   

Editor has fought HARD for Access Television
A Commentary by Joe Viglione

"A man with no enemies is a man with no character."

One of my lawyers said "The Native Americans judged a man by the stature of his enemies; by that standard you are off the chart."  (Paraphrased.)

As I've often said, I have as many friends as I have enemies, and I have lots and lots of friends.

A man’s greatness can be measured by his enemies.
— Don Piatt

    When a former city council candidate with the initials M.H. was staggering around a restaurant in Medford stone drunk, it was a sobering moment, no pun intended, on how rudderless the citizens of Medford are.

     This writer does not do drugs; I do not mind alcohol, I just don't happen to drink, Mr. Brian Burke, as there is too much work to get done.  But even if I DID indulge it would be easier to be logical than any of these cronies entrenched in Medford city government.  One could EASILY do a better job STONED than these fruitcakes do sober!, Paulette!    

   Friday night I was at the liquor store picking up boxes for my vinyl.  They were giving away free sips but I looked at the handsome dude when he called me over ( and boy would I ever like to have a few drinks with him in a quiet bar...) and said  "Have to drive..." ...and also had to pick up about 200 record albums.  But I digress...

    Back to the allegedly drunken fool who was taking advantage of my hard work and calling himself the "tireless supporter of access"...ahem...

     That individual's platform of "tireless supporter of access TV" can be filed along with "Where are they now?"   What the hell has he done for access television in our community and where is he now?

     It's an old story but pertinent in 2017 as the ugly blanket of censorship continues to fall on this city.

Quotes / Enemies Equals Greatness

"Judge a man by the reputation of his enemies."
Arabian Proverb

   Who are the enemies of  this fabulous writer?  Oh, a couple of mayors, a city solicitor, a school superintendent, a police chief and about a dozen individuals on his force, a good-for-nothing fat slob "executive director" of a cable TV station on the city borders so angry and jealous of me that he refused to let me edit Mayor Michael J. McGlynn's pay-to-park! So I threatened to sue him if he didn't air it.  

   The clown is so sloppy, creepy and unruly - and so unsure of himself - that they now keep ALL people from other cities and towns out of their ghost town over there by the Aberjona River.

     Too funny when a lawyer/501c3 president has to award herself "producer of the year" - the woman who is supposed to FACILITATE programming has to scam the community to gleefully have her name as the winner...probably on an annual basis at this point.

   In 2011 I asked to be kept out of the running as I wanted the other producers to be acknowledged as I was in 2010.   What's fair is fair.

   You see, I was told I was clearly the producer of the year in 2011 as well by a staffer and immediately said "no awards for me this year. Let's share the wealth."

   They didn't like having someone do something ethical over there.   

    They don't like it when volunteers do the right thing.

     But access is prone to "turf wars" by townies who don't give a damn about their mandate or the rules, who just make up illegitimate invisible rules like Stephanie Burke mixing lithium and methamphetamine (and not from her PDR* -she doesn't need one with HER vulgar husband around.)  A toxic brew for a mini-megalomaniac - and that's what Medford is stuck with. Like a stain on your white wedding dress.

    The mark of Darth Stephanie.

"He used to be into the Velvets now it’s rollerball
Knew the life of Jimmy Dean was just a John to call
Had no friends hated every woman that he took

The only thing he ever read was his PDR book"   Rondy Rush by the late Richard N.

*PDR  Physician's Desk Reference, a book with a full listing of drugs.


It takes a great enemy to make a great airplane.
— Air Force saying

    I collect enemies the way that Medford High School superintendent Roy E. Belson collects teachers who can't keep it in their pants.    

    So I'm funny.  

    You have to laugh at these pickpocket jokers.  You truly have to laugh at them because what they do to us is so sick, depraved and wrong, Ann Marie "Park Your Mercedes In A Fire Zone, who cares if fire trucks need the space" Cugno...ugggghhhh...  

    It's like the ghost of Doria Alberg reincarnating in different faces - quasi sequels to the film Faccia Brutta, 2, 3, 4, 5....etc.... isn't it? 

       Pick a Faccia Brutta any Faccia Brutta - Belson, Van der Kloot, Mr. Camuso, Uncle Bob Maiocco...for a comedian it's a field day.   But these garden variety reprobates are not interesting in the least. They are out and out boring.    We laugh at the stupid things that they do because what they are is bland, ignorant ...inspiring nothing but yawns.

      Stephanie Muccini-Burke is no master criminal in the style of a  Lex Luthor.    At least ol' Lex has a touch of class.

She's a bean-counting, nail-polishing undercard that is overshadowed by the specter of Michael J. McGlynn. 

     McGlynn is a monster in Medford, the stuff that nightmares are made out of, yet with all his brother's mojo and connections across the Commonwealth, Mikey boy is still just an ordinary thug when one leaves the city limits.  

    The big fish in a small pond virtually unknown in Ball Sq. Somerville or Winchester center.    

    And that's the way Mikey likes it, flying under the radar, the "magnificence malevolent"  ...always making his creepy maneuvers in the dark.  He will never reach the level of the emperor or even Darth Vader, more like mini-me from Goldmember always always in the shadow of his daddy.

      Membership has its privileges and as dastardly evil as Michael J. McGlynn allegedly is to this city, he's still just the small piranha in the aquarium at some restaurant waiting for the chef to size him up to sizzle for the customer who has exotic taste(s) and the wallet big enough to handle the allegedly criminal anomaly.

       They just are so clueless and off the wall that even a great writer can't do a book about them. They just don't have the integrity, even as creeps, to hold a reader's attention, no matter how many contrived Mark Rumley twenty-five dollar words I slip into the saga.

Amy: So, you have enemies, then? 
11th Doctor: Everyone's got enemies. 
Amy: Yeah, but mine's the woman outside Budgens with the mental Jack Russell. You've got, you know, ARCH enemies. (indeed I do, Ballgame Teddy!)

    They are kinda like how the third Batman film went flat when handsome Christian Bale had to fight a limp character like Bane.   A good action movie needs a good villain, Academy Award winner Heath Ledger taking the cake and showing exactly what I'm talking about.
_______________________________________   "Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding gladfor great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you."

— Matthew 5:11-12, King James Version

           It's 3:02 am, Bill Clinton's birthday (3:36 am, actually, as I'm editing this piece.)  

             What am I doing up writing this essay.  Imagine if I did drugs and drank like a sixteen year old begging three beers from a reprobate in God, imagine the things I could write!   :)

         Honestly, despite the number of my enemies I feel like Bette Midler kidnapped in Ruthless People.  "I've been marked down."     It's not like it is Charles Manson or O.J. Simpson peering through my window, it was a gap-toothed Mad Magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman wanna be.    

The Tally of mine Virtue shall be the List of my Foes.
— Godric Griffindor, Significant Digits

    I mean, let's face it, if Jeremy Renner wanted to stalk me he could be my guest. The police aren't going to do a damn thing to stop him anyway...and it's not that Jeremy Renner is handsome or anything...other stars (Andrew Garfield) outpace him in the looks's just that Renner is so damn attractive...and not in the traditional sense.  He carries himself well...

    How do you trade in dozens of low-rate reprobate enemies for some quality Hollywood stuff?  That is the question, isn't it?

    We shall defer to Victor Hugo (not Buono) at this point...

“You have enemies? Why, it is the story of every man who has done a great deed or created a new idea. It is the cloud which thunders around everything that shines. Fame must have enemies, as light must have gnats. Do no bother yourself about it; disdain. Keep your mind serene as you keep your life clear.”
— Victor HugoChoses Vues 1849-1885

Oh I'm having fun at 3:08 in the morning...making sport of the predicament that Medford is (and is in) with the likes of Madame Knight, Dead Fello Abusso, Defendant George Scarpelli, Ron DeLucia, Richard F(for fadoodle) Caraviello - the joke of the city council thinking Muccini-Burke is behind him when Ann Marie Cugno is breathing down his neck.  

"Got some TV 3 money to spend on a limo ride?"

"NO, I'll be damned if they'll take TV3 away from us...and because of that blog editor they did."

"Oh well, you won a free limo ride to hell"

"Goody, was wondering how I was going to get back home to Martha and crooked Coolidge Road"

"Home being hell?"

"Why state the obvious...
File Under: Known by the company that you keep

     You see Caraviello HAS a neck, unlike Scarpelli, who looks like a reject from a Martin Scorsese gangster pic - and the reason Caraviello has a neck is because his bigger than his belly fat backside drags his face every which way but loose!...     File under: Karaviello's Karma - Stephanie doing to him what he did to Bob.

If you encounter enemies, you're going the right way.
— Videogame saying

     Richard F (for fatuous - ((silly, purposeless)) Caraviello is so stupid he actually thinks there is room for him on the council when McGlynn and Burke purportedly praise reprobate Cugno to high heaven while demonstrably (with emphasis on the monstra/monster aspect of the word) pushing Caraviello under the bus. It's hilarious.
    And that's the clod Marian Ryan dragged into criminal court to try to silence a journalist?

     Marian, have you been getting into Brian Burke's stash?  Really...I almost feel sorry for Raquel...I think she wore those bad shoes and lipstick-for-the-fissilingual to try to get OFF of the case!

I don't feel right, ain't got enough haters
Somebody send me some, so I can aggravate them
— Plies - "Watch Dis"



    If a journalist references that a police officer slugged a fellow officer AT 100 Main Street, the journalist gets cyber-bullied by the cop.

     Ugly, isn't it?

     But it's a lot easier to cyber-bully an over sixty minority person than it is to do the right thing and go up to Edward P. Finn and arrest him for felonious assault.    That would take courage, not the cowardice on display by the Medford Police Department.

"I usually judge how cool I'm being by how many angry people are following me around with signs."
— Seanbaby

     How does the public get informed of ANYTHING if a journalist is ASSAULTED by an ex-football player, Edward P. Finn, and the police tell the journalist no crime was committed (when they didn't even interview the key witness...allegedly intentionally) and then turn around and file false charges in CRIMINAL COURT because the journalist was (and still is) investigating current mayor Stephanie Muccini Burke and allegations that she covered up a sex crime at the high school.   

   ....Meaning, the police validated that Ed Finn slugged me because if there was no crime, no one could be a witness.

     Shame on Leo A. Sacco, Jr. for letting it happen. 

A man’s greatness can be measured by his enemies.
— Don Piatt

    Here is is August 19, 2017, Bill Clinton's 71st birthday, and some awful Public Service Announcement is running non-stop on the access channel that YOU pay for.  In an election cycle.

You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.
— Oscar Wilde 

    Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke has hired a young man who - it seems - has never run a TV station before. Sound familiar?    

    Remember when Jason Salzarulo was hired by Frank Pilleri's gang in 2004 or so and, purportedly, went running out of the room in tears because he allegedly couldn't put a tripod together?

    He was canned, with his replacement being a real-life Dawn of the Dead rearing her ugly head from Foster Rhode Island ----- with some god-awful films so boring they make Ed Wood look like an Academy Award Winner.

     Meanwhile, yours truly has a real two and a half hour documentary out worldwide on a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artist, but don't let the facts get in the way of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.'s delusions.  Or the fact that in my travels this station manger operated two AM radio stations, was consultant for an FM station (and ad exec and producer at the old 93.7 FM) and sat on the board of directors of another station to actually do something and GET RESULTS, unlike the plague of locusts that have eaten away at Medford's free speech rights.

     Dawn Radical Nutjob was seething with jealousy. She was angry and bitter that her failed movies fizzled out and allegedly only made cash from allegedly "stuffing the ballot boxes" - they called out Mark Rumley for not participating in the alleged ballot stuffing, and - lo and behold - the money and where it went, disclosed in the Rumley Report, will shock you! 

     Where oh where the ballot-box monies allegedly went.

     Hey Mr. Rumley, where ARE those TV3 financial records you promised us?

     Ms. Radical sued me and we sent her big fanny packing down south when the judge wrote "... take nothing."   

     David Skerry noting that I have a "genius lawyer," the TV 3 crowd again so very shocked that their abuse of over 100K in cable subscriber monies garnered them more black eyes than Mike Tyson could have ever dished out to them.

    Their next big move?  A juvenile delinquent so obsessed with me that he would circle my home at 2 AM in the morning under the guise of going to "Tony's Gas."  Problem for the harassing stalker is that Tony's Gas was closed at the time he was in the parking lot snapping pictures of my living room.   Now that's fixation on an older gay male that is - truly -  beyond the pale.

     He is not allowed to come NEAR my home OR Tony's Gas after he DEFAULTED in the court case and had to sign an agreement to stay away from my home.

I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.


     IN her infinite wisdom Muccini-Burke has taken Dead Fellow Abusso's advice and hired yet another young person who - to our knowledge - has never been a station manager before.

     We've been to this movie in times past, this rodeo, but at least he's well mannered.  

    It only took the Administration of McGlynn/Burke 13 years to find another novice, one who happens to be polite.

    Because Muccini-Burke is so self-absorbed (and stuck in her mirror chock full of low self-image) that she has to manipulate some young person...and hire him directly AT city hall (which is the antithesis of how access TV is supposed to run) and because of her manipulations and control - the city is still awaiting its access television that it pays for.  Under the watchful eye of some censorship queen.

    You know who else hates  (or hated) the press, Stephanie?

     Donald Trump.  Richard Nixon.

Monday, August 4 at 9 PM

Nixon by Nixon: In His Own Words

“The press is the enemy. The press is the enemy. The press is the enemy,” Nixon can be heard telling Henry Kissinger
. “You must keep up the attack on the media. You’ve got to keep destroying their credibility,” he told Special Counsel Charles Colson. Whether calling them “sons of bitches” or “bastards,” Nixon’s distaste of reporters was only thinly veiled in interviews, and entirely open behind closed doors.

The attacks on my person from Mark Rumley, Detective Paul Mackowski, Frank Pilleri, Harvey Alberg, Dawn Natalia in the Boston Globe, Allison Goldsberry in the Medford Mercury (so egregious that the Natalia/Goldsberry piece was stopped in its tracks when part 2 was scheduled, replaced by my OpEd) David P. Skerry - the list goes on and on and on.  Ho hum.

    "He's been thrown out of more places than I have"  David P. Skerry

    Actually, David, it's hard to compete with you on that one, though I do try!  I've been called many things, but an alleged school chum of yours called you Medford's "crackpot."  

That one's hard to beat.

You know, I used to think it was our families that made us who we are? Then I hoped it was our friends. But if you look at history, the great men and women of the world have always been defined... by their enemies.

These individuals take, take, take from Medford.   It's been a long battle, fifteen years of my life, and what I've uncovered is a chief of police corrupt beyond all corruption - 

Exhibit A the Varsity Coach case, 

Exhibit B Stephen Lebert's long history of malfeasance, 

Exhibit C the Doreen Wade case, 

Exhibit D Chief Sacco's son not getting arrested for the allegation of drunk driving on or about January 23, 2017, 

Exhibit E has names like Norton, Hughes, Lopez, Richard Lebert (uncle of the removed reprobate Stephen,) called "all good men" by the cop on the beat here - who is supposed to protect and serve this senior citizen but, instead, cyber-bullied me.

I envy your enemies, Commander. To be hated by ones so powerful speaks well of you. My krogan would destroy anything we face to earn such a reputation.
— Urdnot DaggMass Effect 3

The point was made ten paragraphs ago, but these enemies I have are too stupid to get it, he says to a puzzled Mark Rumley...

So we say it again:  "Viel feind, viel ehr" (Translation: many enemies, much honour)  Georg von Frundsberg  (Not to be confused with Ronnie A. Fraudberg and Harvey Delucia, certainly not to be confused with those two degenerate cowards)

to be continued.