Monday, August 14, 2017

McKillop needs to SUE STEPHANIE, Class Action Suit - Injunction re: TV3

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McKillop needs to Litigate Against Muccini-Burke

A lawsuit against the City of Medford will result in Discovery that can rip open wide the alleged malfeasance at Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.

Especially before any statute can run out.

People were buzzing about the lack of access TV in this election at the 48 Forest St. get together. I told David Mckillop Sr point blank that he needs to obtain a restraining order, an injunction, on the Burke Administration and on Stephanie herself, and bring it right into Middlesex Superior Court in an emergency session. I am not a lawyer, by the way. It is not legal advice, it is common sense.

Then Mr. McKillop will be viewed as having strength, not the "toe in the water first" dance that Scarpelli, Falco and Marks all play, showing weakness, pausing for fear of losing votes. In the case of Michael Marks - he came in sixth place or so in election 2015. Michael Marks - 5,285 votes He has nothing to lose. The caboose, Rick Caraviello, can be easily picked off, damaged goods that he is with only Richard Caraviello - 5,192 votes in 2015.

McKillop needs to show leadership. All he is right now is the unknown commodity. Missouri's unofficial nickname is The Show-Me State - and Mr. McKillop has a great opportunity to make a name for himself.

In light of the rumors that Michael J. McGlynn allegedly is in the shadows helping David McKillop to put a little fear in Muccini-Burke, which would be a very reasonable thing for McGlynn to do knowing how Mikey operates - McKillop can put those rumors to bed rather than being seen as in bed with Michael J. McGlynn.

My political instincts have been spot on, and I challenge anyone to debate me on the history of access television and access TV in Medford in particular. 

 The road to victory is for McKillop to expose Muccini-Burke as the queen of censorship; expose that she is frightened of the access station, that she is crafty and cleverly abusing her power as "issuing authority" (the person who negotiates with the cable TV providers.) 

Mr. McKillop can rip the curtain away. If he files an injunction and then a Class Action suit that the residents can sign on to, he will become mayor. 

 If he keeps crawling at a snail's pace, then the rumors of the powerful Jack McGlynn in Salem allegedly having some secret control of the Chamber of Commerce in Salem would be a sad indicator that there is no mayoral race in 2017 and that Mr. McKillop is a mere prop that Muccini-Burke and McGlynn concocted to divert attention from their malicious destruction of our city. 

But what do I know? I've only beaten these monsters repeatedly in a court of law, sometimes with a lawyer, sometimes on my own. 

What do I know?

The answer: I know plenty, and not ready to unleash all that I know right here at the moment. TO BE CONTINUED


City Council
Richard Caraviello - 5,192 votes   the caboose!!!
Frederick Dello Russo Jr. - 5,354 votes
Adam Knight - 5,422 votes
Breanna Lungo-Koehn - 6,056 votes
Michael Marks - 5,285 votes
Mark Crowley - 4,025 votes
Christopher D’Aveta - 4,029 votes
Leonore Eforo - 1,436 votes
John Falco Jr. - 6,163 votes
Neal McSweeney - 1,640 votes
William O’Keefe Jr. - 3,840 votes
Neil Osborne - 4,354 votes

Michael Ruggiero - 3,284 votes

NO FXCKING WAY JOHN FALCO GOT 6,163 FIRST TIME IN!  election rigged after Ed Finn slugged me 6-16-15.

John Falco Jr. - 6,163 votes
Breanna Lungo-Koehn - 6,056 votes

Defendant George Scarpelli - 5,591 votes

Write-Ins - 83 votes

Madame Knight  5,422 votes allegedly from greencard workers and allegedly from Tufts students...ha ha....what a joke...and what a jerk

Frederick Dello Russo Jr. - 5,354 votes  how did Freddy find these votes after getting trounced in the primary?  Easy....McGlynn's Magic and Ed Finn's Malfeasance, that is how!

Michael Marks - 5,285 votes

the big fat caboose
Richard Caraviello - 5,192 votes   the caboose!!!