Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 10 Sentencing

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Daniel E. Doyle Jr., long hailed as a visionary for his programs linking amateur sports with global harmony, was sentenced to seven years in prison Thursday for misusing more than $1 million from the acclaimed nonprofit organization he founded.

In a scathing sentencing address, Associate Justice Melanie Wilk Thunberg said Doyle squandered his intellect and talents in favor of an "elaborate criminal enterprise" that deceived well-meaning supporters in order to support his luxury lifestyle.

"Because of your out-of-control avarice, Mr. Doyle, a gigantic and rare opportunity, unique to you, was extinguished," Thunberg said. "That was the opportunity to be globally impactful in shaping young lives."

Today, the institute's building is dormant, the organization is defunct, and most of Doyle's peace-through-sports initiatives have dissolved. Once celebrated by Rhode Island's political elite, Doyle watched as a prosecutor — and then the judge — described him as self-absorbed and entitled.

Assistant Attorney General Mark Trovato said it was a tragedy that the institute's good work has stopped, but he said its end was Doyle's doing. "The institute is gone because of the defendant's greed, because of his arrogance and because of ego," Trovato said.