Monday, August 14, 2017

Muccini-Burke to Deliver Swiss INSECT DIET to Medford School Students to save $$$$$

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Bugs on the menu at Swiss supermarket


Swiss food safety laws were changed last May to allow for the sale of food items containing three types of insects: crickets, grasshoppers and mealworms, which are the larval form of the mealworm beetle. 

Medford's mayor, Stephanie Muccini-Burke is looking forward to feeding grasshoppers to your children in her new "Going Green at the Dinner Table" initiative.

For greens they will be using the grass mowed at Logan Park.

Bedbug Infestation at Medford Housing Authority (the board of directors definitely has a bedbug infestation - bedbugs as board members!) to be recycled into food for your kids at Medford High School

Boy Relson, Superintendent, tapes new commercial:

Roy "Krissy, move the camera this way. You're going to have to have an insect meatball too!"

Krissy: Yuck.  I quit.

Roy: "Ben...oh Bennnnn.....would you like to try this new chocolate treat."

Ben: I'm not here.

Roy: I can hear you.

Ben: I am not here. I called in sick.  Thinking of quitting too.

Roy Belson stares at the camera with the HotSet, no one to tape him:

"The new insect balls using the bedbugs from the Medford Housing Authority help to end a plague and feed your kids at the same time. Those little bloodsuckers are so tasty, you'll be feeding them in your sauce every Sunday!"

Bryan Carter
how many insect balls does it take to make a burger
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Alice Ramirez · 
UN Agenda 21 types want all of us peasants to eat insects. The elites will continue to enjoy steak, lamb, fish, etc, while we peons eat bugs.   
Former U.N. employee is daughter of the former mayor!

parody...we think...unless we are giving her ideas!

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