Sunday, August 27, 2017


George Scarpelli, allegedly, was apprised of hazings with a sexual slant in locker room showers, and the victims claim allegedly that after they reported the ugly behavior, it happened again.

This is the individual on our Medford City Council who witnessed Mayor Michael J. McGlynn looking at a police report I handed to McGlynn, the former mayor saying to this victim "Have fun with that."    Scarpelli watched, saw a victim going to the mayor for help, and both McGlynn and Scarpelli did NOTHING.

That's George Scarpelli, in the flesh.

Why would you want such a lazy, irresponsible, creepy individual like Scarpelli voting lockstep with Stephanie Burke for another 2 years when you have the evidence.

Even if Scarpelli gets away with it in the two court cases, there are enough damaging facts already in evidence to give the voters a clue that Scarpelli is every bit as bad as Richard F. Caraviello and that they both do not serve the public. They serve themselves.

Lopez v. City of Somerville et al :: Justia Dockets & Filings
Sep 15, 2016 - City of Somerville et al. Plaintiff: Cecelia Lopez. Defendant: City of Somerville, George Scarpelli, Anthony Pierantozzi and Joseph Curtatone.

In 2016 Scarpelli was a defendant in the case of Lopez v City of Somerville, George Scarpelli et al: 

Lopez v. City of Somerville et al

Plaintiff: Cecelia Lopez
Defendant: City of Somerville, George Scarpelli, Anthony Pierantozzi and Joseph Curtatone
Case Number: 1:2016cv11877
Filed: September 15, 2016
Court: Massachusetts District Court
Office: Boston Office
County: Middlesex
Presiding Judge: Leo T. Sorokin

  • Defendant

    George Scarpelli

    Represented by:

    Shannon T. Phillips, City of Somerville Law Department
    Michael Stefanilo, Jr., Brady Hardoom Perkins & Kesten

12:35 pm
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Galileo Mondol vs George Scarpelli

Mass. teen soccer player suing over alleged hazing charge | USA ...

Nov 3, 2015 - ... time, and soccer coach George Scarpelli violated Mondol's civil rights by ... “After the two other defendants plead guilty and were sentenced, ...



Mass. teen soccer player suing over alleged hazing charge

The $1 million suit alleges that Mayor Joseph Curtatone, Anthony Pierantozzi, the school district’s superintendent at the time, and soccer coach George Scarpelli violated Mondol’s civil rights by engaging in a zealous campaign to have him arrested, and manipulating witnesses and victims into giving misleading statements to police.
In August 2013, a Somerville freshman was raped with a broom handle during a school-sponsored soccer camp in the Berkshires. That brutality is accepted as fact. Two 16-year-olds since pled guilty and were sent to the Department of Youth Services. Prosecution and defense attorneys presented conflicting accounts about Mondol’s involvement as either a witness or participant, and the district attorney ultimately dropped the assault charges.
“During the course of the investigation, there was s