Friday, August 18, 2017

Editor Is Concerned for His Own Safety

Fact:   Stephanie Muccini-Burke's obviously homophobic husband called a same-sex person a "motherfxcker" and called for cronies to "get" him "out of there."

Fact: Moments later Assistant Court Clerk Brian S. Burke was photographed next to an individual alleged to have gone after his own grandmother with a meat cleaver.

"There is too much rancor and hate in today's political discourse, and Sen. Chappelle-Nadal should be ashamed of herself for adding her voice to this toxic environment," she wrote in a statement.

When a Democratic Senator makes a violent statement, and a journalist has had to protect his home from a former TV3 station manager - with no help from the Medford Police - you know that your life needs protection.

"You'd Better Get a Bodyguard" an attorney yelled at the same victim, cousin-in-law of the previous mayor.  He had threatened to kill the same man.

"There are paranoids out there, Joe, but you have real enemies!"
Nell Escobar Coakley, former editor of the Medford Transcript

Police Chief Leo A. Sacco Jr's son had his gun taken away from him, his truck, a relative had to drive him home after allegations of drunk driving on or about January 23, 2017, but there was no field sobriety test, there was no breathalyzer.   

Chief Sacco, Roy Belson, so many allegedly corrupt government officials circling the wagons and putting the citizens of Medford in harm's way.

to be continued...