Monday, August 28, 2017

Rumor of the Week: Housing Authority's Jeff Driscoll to Replace Rum Rum???

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McGlynn is the Mayor of Medford
The entire Cugno/McKillop relationship looked icky to begin with.  

David McKillop is a ringer put there so that D'Antonio would leave.

And Tony left.  Shame on him.

 What job are they giving Rumley if the rumors that Jeff Driscoll at the Housing Authority is going to be the new city attorney on October 15th.

That's JUST a rumor.  What isn't a rumor is the fundraiser McGlynn is having for Darth Stephanie

September 14, 2017 McGlynn holding fundraiser for Muccini-Burke $100.00 and $1,000.00 per plate.

Why is David McKillop running at a snail's pace? Isn't he best friends with Ann Marie Cugno's husband? Doesn't he work up in Salem near the office of McGlynn and McGlynn? Jack McGlynn, the older brother of Mike McGlynn? Too close for comfort, people.

Did McGlynn ever run a fundraiser for Muccini-Burke in 2015? Why are they so greedy now? Because they are all pushing the statute of limitations back, allegedly, for all the alleged dirty dealings that were done in this city and why it is falling apart.

Wake up Medford

Until McKillop takes the gloves off, and watch - he won't - he's a ringer. They got D'Antonio out of the race two weeks after I predicted it. Another 2 years of Darth Stephanie Muccini-McGlynn Lots more dirt, we'll drip it out slowly...drip drip...drip

Now do the math, people!  

McKillop was seen with McGlynn, allegedly, and is in Salem where Jck McGlynn runs his lobbying law office.  Duh!
McKillop isn't doing a damn thing...
And word on the street is that they want
Caraviello OUT after I defeated him in court.
The Muccini-Burke camp has allegedly called Caraviello "a buffoon" - taking my word for him.
A buffoon.

And he is.  That's not even an allegation.

Something IS going down, people.

They want Caraviello out.

McKillop is a ringer.

Somehow they got D'Antonio out, just like I noted that they might

She is going to waltz right in for
Years 31 and 32 of the McGlynn regime.

Even Stephanie wants Access TV

It has McGlynn's fingerprints all over it.

It being the lack of access TV.

A very good source told me that McGlynn said "I Hate It" when asked about access television.

McGlynn's fingerprints are all over the access TV debacle.

All over it. 

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