Sunday, August 27, 2017

Two Medford City Councilors and Two FALSE Charges of WITNESS INTIMIDATION

Galileo Mondol was charged with "Witness intimidation" and is now suing George Scarpelli; the editor, Joe Viglione, was falsely charged with "Witness Intimidation" by Council President Richard F. "I didn't sign that I received the Open Meeting Law information in a timely manner" Caraviello and is about to be sued by this victim of Caraviello. See a pattern? Two city councilors and two FALSE charges of "Witness Intimidation"

“All of us, frankly, are horrified at these allegations,” added school district superintendent Tony Pierantozzi.

Head boys soccer coach George Scarpelli admitted that the situation is a difficult one.

“I have good boys and they’re standing very strong together,” he said.

There were 165 student-athletes at the camp including boys soccer players, girls soccer players and football players. There were 19 adult supervisors.

Mondol, who will be tried as an adult, faces a raft of charges including aggravated rape of a child under the age of 16, indecent assault and battery, and witness intimidation. The two unnamed 16-year-olds face comparable juvenile charges.

The 17-year-old soccer player’s attorney proclaimed denied the criminal charges.

“My client emphatically maintains his innocence,” said William Korman, Mondol’s lawyer. “We are pleading not guilty Tuesday because he is not guilty.”

Richard F. Caraviello, Council President

Case involving city council president tossed out of court - News ...

Mar 8, 2017 - Case involving city council president tossed out of court ... and intimidation of Medford City Council president Rick Caraviello that occurred after ...

Caraviello Harasses Reporter at the City Council - Medford ...

Jul 8, 2017 - Jaclyn Caraviello, 29, 3 Hastings Lane, Medford, was arrested Tuesday, March 26 on ...Case involving city council president tossed out of court.

Case involving city council president tossed out of court (Article calls Caraviello a "potential witness" - not an actual witness.  The victim contends that Caraviello LIED to the police to try to protect violent city clerk, Edward P. Finn.   The police, by filing charges against a victim, allegedly admit that Finn committed the crime, otherwise there would be no witness if

 no crime was committed.   Caraviello then retaliated multiple times after he lost the case.  

Rumor has it that Caraviello was bragging at Demet's Donuts the morning of the case that he was going to "put away for a long time" (paraphrased) an innocent man.  

A man found innocent, that we all knew was innocent.  

So how to the Medford Police explain abuse of a resident when there are drug overdoses, wife beatings and break-ins galore, yet they fixate on a journalist asking a simple question: Did Mayor Muccini-Burke cover up an alleged sex crime and did she hide it from the voters in Election 2015 and now in Election 2017?   Answer the question, Stephanie.  Answer the question, Roy Belson.   

However the judge ultimately found that, since there was no open investigation or court case occurring at the time that Caraviello alleged he was being intimidated by Viglione, the situation did not fit the definition of intimidating a witness, and the case was dismissed on Jan. 31.
“This is the first time I’m aware of that anybody has claimed that you are a potential witness until the statute runs out when no ongoing investigation or judicial proceedings are in existence,” said Savage of the odd nature of the case.