Saturday, August 12, 2017

Caraviello, Finn: DAMAGED GOODS - Election 2017 Report

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Voters in Medford have a system infected with malfeasance.

Edward P. Finn and Richard F. Caraviello both lied to the police in a case of Finn allegedly committing a felony, assaulting a man over 60, a homosexual male that Finn seems to have some kind of fixation on.

Clerk Finn has CENSORED the petitions of the alternative lifestyle resident.   Finn thinks that he is bigger than the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  He is not.

He's a slob that acts improperly, looks half asleep during council meetings (where Dello Russo actually LOOKS FULLY ASLEEP) - those two in particular, Finn and Dello Russo, looking like they were wishing they were ANYWHERE but at the city council.

So how does that solve problems for the city when Dello Russo, Finn, Adam Knight, Caraviello, defendant George Scarpelli, and vote-for-what-Stephanie-wants John Falco flip the middle finger to the voters and screw ratepayers and taxpayers with every damn disobedient (to the citizens) move those frauds make on the city council of Medford.

Especially Finn who wields so much undeserved power.

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