Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Election 2017: Muccini-Burke's Hallmark of Filth and Trash

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You can't beat these sitting mayors,councilors and school committee people at the ballot box. Notice how the new candidates are basically invisible around the city and on social media. 

The way that I removed McGlynn's uncle, Gene McGillicuddy, and wrote about Robert A. Maiocco, Jr.'s little problems with Wells Fargo clients (well, not "little") and exposing Police Chief Sacco's son's little non-arrest for allegedly swerving his vehicle around like he was playing bumping cars at an amusement park, allegedly, that's how you remove these creepy individuals - by shining a light on the alleged malfeasance. 

You wonder why there is no access TV? 

Because Stephanie is hiding a lot, starting with the allegation that she and others hushed up a sex crime at the high school. But you need a team to accomplish this goal, and perhaps people see how certain police officers and a city solicitor throw mud at the messenger, get all angry and riled up because this writer IS making a positive change for the better in our city --- it's definitely the reason people are too afraid to fight these government officials with dirty hands who pontificate while committing crimes that would send you and anyone you know into the slammer for a long stretch. 

You don't go around hitting a police officer at the police station, you don't get your son off the hook for allegedly drunk driving, and you certainly don't cover up what Jenna Tarabelsi was alleged to have done to three students at the high school because you want to become mayor and the alleged "victim" who allegedly has quite the reputation at the high school, is purportedly the daughter of a powerful politician.

Normal people don't get away with it so why should these government officials who take so much money in a parking scandal and in local taxes and fees, why should they milk you for everything? 

Because they can. 

Because you won't stand up when a cop cyber bullies a reporter and say "THAT is not why you are being paid all that money."
But people are afraid, and fear rules their lives, and the city is in reverse and getting worse. And if the citizens don't stand up and fight, they win.

It takes a team - and too many citizens run and hide and don't want to face a mean old Mark Rumley or a nasty Stephanie Burke or her vindictive husband. Hey, it's ok if you want to be complacent and let them stick their hands in your back pocket and take your money. Fine. Just sit back and watch one guy do ALL the hard work. 

Or you can show some courage and strength and not give in to the likes of an incompetent fraud like Richard F. Caraviello. 

The choice is yours.

There are two elements that mark Stephanie Burke's time as mayor over the past 20 months - a lazy streak where she does nothing of substance for the citizens paying the freight, and a selfish disregard for the city and its needs, instead, lavishing monies on those loyal to her. Though the Cradock Bridge is a state project, notice the filth and trash around the parking lot behind Medford Square, the hallmark of her Administration, trash everywhere. 

Hallmark means a standard of purity - "certifying their standard of purity" but Stephanie Burke's hallmark is their standard of disarray, filth and incompetence.

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