Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Gangster Ed Finn Is Screwing The Voters of Medford

‘Top Chef’ Teamsters Trial Gets Under Way In Boston - Mark Rumley is Satan incarnate when he allegedly enables and endorses this kind of thug-like behavior from Ed Finn, mobster Adam Knight and meathead / jackass Richard F. Caraviello


As first reported by Deadline, defendants Michael Ross, John Fidler, Robert Calarelli and Daniel Redmond were among a dozen or so Teamsters — all members of Boston’s Local 25 — who had set up a picket line on June 10, 2014, outside the Steel & Rye restaurant in the Boston suburb of Milton, where the show was filming with nonunion drivers. When Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi arrived at the restaurant, one of the Teamsters rushed her car and screamed, “We’re gonna bash that pretty face in, you f*cking whore.”

How do you deal with Medford gangsters who should be on trial, those creepy underhanded agitators with their schizophrenic pathology


Richard F. Caraviello admitted under oath that Edward P. Finn was in a "Yelling" incident

You want that bastard officiating at your wedding?

Why not Kim Jong Un?

Why not Vladmir Putin?

Why not Adolph Pol Pot?

Edward P. Finn is a menace to society. His censorship tactics, penchant for violence, every bit as much a threat and danger as Roy E. Belson is to the children of Medford, as "Vivian Vance" and her policies are to senior citizens...

Medford is a cesspool with Adam Knight as the poster child for thuggish behavior.