Friday, August 4, 2017

Au Revoir Alex Ruppenthal, Ethan Hartley, Nick Iovino...we'll always have Alden Chambers

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These cub reporters come and go just as Stephanie Muccini-Bork flies through each chief of staff!!!

Beacon associate editor says, 'Hello Rhode Island'

Ethan writes:

After about three years there, I realized it was my time to head elsewhere.  (Translated: He got the hell out of Dodge before he had to write about the varsity coach and the lacrosse player!!! allegedly!  )

I was introduced to John Howell through a totally random connection made possible by my girlfriend – a Warwick native and 2010 graduate of Vets. I must have done okay in my interviews because, well, here I am.

When I started on June 26, I really had no idea what was in store for me. I knew I was capable of covering any story – as one of my first assignments in professional journalism was following a lengthy, grisly murder trial involving a teenager who murdered his math teacher – but I didn’t know how I would adjust to a totally new state, and a totally new environment.
Luckily, Rhode Island shares many similarities to Massachusetts. I can rock all the same Boston sports gear, so no issues there. You have better beaches (by far), similar roads, horrible drivers and traffic jams (unfortunately), a beautiful capital city and delicious local food and drink establishments in all the towns and cities I’ve been thus far. I don’t feel like a fish out of water here, just maybe one in a smaller pond.,125950