Friday, August 4, 2017

Top 10 9:30 am August 4, 2017 Happy Friday

1,030,255 all-time page views 9:30 am August 4
Amazing when you think about it, all eyes on a blog / news site with over Thirty Thousand hits after a million page views.  Astounding.

your new Top 10 for Friday Morning! *

*Please note - former candidate John Byers calls the top 2 posts "predictions."  That is not entirely accurate; all your editor is doing by posting a clean slate, fresh faces on the school committee and the city council, is the potential voters have in their hands (if Ed Finn is kept from stealing this election too!) --- the potential of term limits and removing stale old cronies.
The huge popularity of the new look Medford City Council story and the hypothetical Medford School Committee says something. 

Interesting that the school committee post is far and away the #1 upload.   



Jul 31, 2017


The Most OUTRAGEOUS magazine Medford has EVER encountered...and its most popular, arguably!

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