Thursday, August 3, 2017

Handsome Ethan Hartley has Left the Building

1,029,708 @ 9:26 am  wow, almost 30k over 1 million. Thank you, readers!

Update: Easy-on-the-Eyes Ethan now at Beacon in Rhode Island

John Coakley  is now writing. Not related to Nell

Another One Bites The Dust at the
Medford Transcript...Nell loses editors the way Stephanie Burke and Donald Trump lose employees!!!

Good old Nell... If she loses editors she can always breed them!!!!  Though she is no relation to the new John Coakley at the paper.

He's not related to Martha either!

Is Ethan Hartley gone from Gatehouse Media? Yes, 9:22 am the Transcript informed me that "Ethan has moved on to other things." Is the new writer,John Coakley, the son of Nell Escobar Coakley? Hmmmm.....

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