Monday, August 7, 2017

Improving Medford - Cleaning Up Muccini-Burke's Mess

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     Stephanie Muccini-Burke and Paul Donato need to address the mess that is in and around Haines Square

On Sunday, August 6, 2017, this investigative reporter took 26 photos.  Nine of them, plus a picture of the near-full moon and a plane last night, will be uploaded here to give the residents and businesses of Medford an idea of how devastating the classless and clueless Stephanie Burke is for our city.

She is a danger to people who live in Medford, and we have the photos to prove it.

5:24 pm
Photos (C)2017 Joe Viglione, Medford Info Central Dot Com, all rights reserved

My friend Paul Donato will cry out that free speech is "the most protected right" during a political campaign, but in all my forty-five years or so of knowing Paul, I have yet to see the State Rep fight as hard for YOUR rights as he did his own when Arthur Alan Deluca of TV3 allegedly censored a video Mr. Donato sponsored where Stephanie Burke was criticizing TV3.

     That Mrs. Burke has proved to be every bit as abusive as the board of TV3 in regards to citizens' rights to the access channel is obvious, and has flown over Mr. Donato's head the way the airplane was caught in photo #10 (below) flying over Medford.
So you have to "pay to park" under Mrs. Burke, the mayor charging seniors under 65, and sticking it to those over 65 by demanding $25.00 each of people who are mostly on fixed incomes.

Look at this disaster.  Broken streets, trash everywhere like you are in Somalia or some third world country, and the lazy mayor of Medford has no time to walk around the city and demand it be clean.  Not only clean for the people who live here, but for the visitors from all over the world who won't use that old movie line "What a dump" when they come to OUR city that Burke took the wrecking ball to.

This is what you call a "photo essay."  It is chock full of CURRENT images of the city of Medford, taken less than twenty-four hours ago, and it shows what a shambles our "town" is in - that decrepit condition our city is in thanks to the greedy, gluttonous Stephanie Muccini-Burke who allegedly has given her son's girlfriend (allegedly working in the corner office) a $150.00 a week pay raise.  Ask Mrs. Burke on the campaign trail if she is prostituting our city to her friends and family.  Ask her.
If the rumors of the girlfriend getting another $7200.00 or so of YOUR dollars are true, wouldn't it be more prudent to pay a janitor or trash collector that money (reportedly there were TWO pay raises to the tune of 7200 each a year - equals $14,400.00 not to mention that little stipend Jeanine Camuso allegedly gets of $69.00 a month plus whatever they allegedly throw Mrs. Camuso for the Hormel stupidity...a bit of  a conflict to be on a commission and in the corner office this writer believes, but what the hell, Burke owes Jeanine's hubby for not causing a ruckus when that dullard thought in his delusional mind that he would be mayor of this city.  Ugggh...rumor has it his own grandma would not be endorsing him for that position, but that's just a rumor...just a rumor

Cigars, Cigarettes, Tiparillo?  Or is it Caraviello???

And all this time you thought an old TV3 Friday night show was as dirty as this city could ever get.  Think again, worse than Stephanie in fishnets dancing with McGlynn is this debacle - the filthiest mess you are supposed to wade through while shopping for your children; this disease-ridden disaster courtesy of the broken-glass-on-the-chalkboard voice of Stephanie Muccini-Burke with so many nip bottles strewn around Salem Street it looks like a Middlesex Superior Court Clerk on an hourly "packie run" (a teen slang term for hitting the liquor store.)
Photo #5 of 26
With rumors of Muccini-Burke's "golden boy," Mike Nestor at the DPW allegedly driving his kids around in the city-owned vehicle (think of the conflict, if true, and the position that would put the city in, legally) and allegedly not adhering to OSHA uniform requirements, too bad our property is squished and left on the Fellsway where the entire world can see the disaster that is the unclean city of Medford under Stephanie Muccini-Burke

Stephanie can't get her panties in a bunch over this...that's because her panties are in the gutter on the Fellsway near the soon-to-be-gone-and -forgotten Stop and Shop

#7 of 26
Can a complaint to the MBTA get the areas around bus benches cleaned up?
My friend, the late Pasqual J. "Pat" Fiorello would videotape the city.  None of us have the time to invest that kind of care and devotion into documenting the crooked way city hall deceives and lies to the citizens.  God Bless Pat.  

However, these quick snapshots give a glimpse into what Pat was saying

Pat was harassed, litigated against, humiliated, and he was purportedly Mayor McGlynn's scoutmaster.

ANYONE in this city IMPROVING MEDFORD, be they named Cheryl or Chrissy or Jeanne or Bob Penta or whomever, anyone making improvements, get ready for the School Superintendent to write a public letter calling you "Piglione" (as he did to me,) or Mark Rumley descending from a witness stand in Superior Court glaring at you with the eyes of the devil - intentionally trying to intimidate this witness (truth be told, we only needed Rumster to put the Judge Jackson-Thompson report in as evidence against Dawn Natalia; in yet ANOTHER case I won against the powers of evil!)

As usual, Rumley's smears and character assassination(s) were "irrelevant" - but it goes to show the type of lout you have as a city lawyer, going supernova at the drop of a hat if he thinks you are on to him.  

Of course when Solicitor Rumley was bullied by TV3's board of directors - a board that he sat on - or when they allegedly tried to have a meeting on a Saturday without inviting the mayor's appointee (allegedly Vincent Mase, also on the board, tipped Rumley off) - Rumley does nothing.

He will only be vindictive and seek vengeance if he can abuse his position by going after a lone citizen, not a group.  How childish.

He runs and hides like a coward if a gang of people call him out, but if the giant can step on an ant, he will attempt to crush you if it is one on one.  

How ugly.   

What a statement on Rumley's unclean hands and unethical way of conducting himself.  No wonder he's stuck in Groundhog day with no substantial offers to represent a big law firm the way that Martha Coakley gets jobs with Harvard, WCVB Channel 5 and a big time lawfirm in Boston.

No wonder Rumley's low self-image dictate that he throw rocks at the citizens who pay him handsomely.  He's just angry at his lot in life, and he takes it out on ratepayers and taxpayers.  How vulgar, Mrs. Burke, how obscenely vulgar.

And then there's Stephanie herself and Chief Sacco, Leo A. Sacco, Jr., throwing their weight around and blaming the victims with their smear campaigns.  Just as they were getting ready to tar and feather Malden's Michael Coates the press stepped in and Coates became a hero.  But I heard the rumors that were emanating either from city hall or the police station or both as they geared up the mud-flinging machine to go after the man who filmed Stephen LeBert in flagrante delicto.

    And didn't Lebert have the offer of resigning or going to prison?  Such a deal!
If an offense is worthy of jail time, how can you cut a deal to just get him off of the force, if this is what allegedly went down, Mr. Rumley?


Chief Sacco and Mark Rumley love to demean people.  This isn't about you. This is about their greed and their lack of concern for your well being.

Just take a look around you, Medford.  As they all pad their pocketbooks, look at what these men and women who demand "honor" and "respect" - look how they treat you.


Sources told 5 Investigates the Transit Police officer, Joe Sacco, was allegedly drunk behind the wheel. A Fallon ambulance crew spotted him driving erratically and called 911, the sources said, and Sacco pulled over by the Bunker Hill Community College T stop before state police arrived.

"The Camera Don't Lie"  Pat Fiorello sayeth.

So who will you believe?  Mark Rumley and Leo Sacco, or your own eyes?

P.S. iF City Solicitor Mark Rumley calls this photo essay a "rant" - as he likes to call any essay that legitimately criticizes his lack of effort on behalf of the citizens paying him - it is just that petty individual attempting to mock reality; using the Donald Trump power of suggestion to persuade you that what you see in the photos is not reality.

As Mr. Rumley, Mr. Sacco, Mrs. Burke, Mr. Belson all take your money, spit at you, and run, your state rep, Mr. Donato,  proves himself to be clueless as to what to do, and too afraid to ruffle the feathers of the "powers that be" in Medford... when he has fifty times their political clout up on Beacon Hill.

What a mess.  

As reflected in these photos.

What a metaphor. _____________________________
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File Under: Waste Mismanagement
Such a deal: A ten year deal for Waste Management for all this MISMANAGEMENT

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Say gone.  You won't find specials this week either, not too many of them anyway, as most of the items an employee told me will be sent to the Malden and Fellsway Plaza stores.

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Moon, 8:59 pm
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