Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Joe Vig Pop Explosion RIGHT NOW

1,029,470@9:15 pm
1,029,270 @ 2:38 pm
1,029,150  @ 9:37 am

Joe Vig Pop Explosion for Wednesday 8-2-17

1)Generiques   Perry Mason Theme
2)Johnny Thunders - Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory

3)Sway Casey - Moonbeams featuring Moshh - produced by Akira

4)Jon Butcher Axis - Foxy Lady (Hendrix)

5)Chaka Khan - Until You Come Back to Me

6)Atomic Blonde film review

7)Music in the bed, Velvet Underground "The Gift" instrumental

8)A Ghost Story  movie trailer

9)Music under the bed  Peter Gabriel, "Red Rain" instrumental

10)Lady MacBeth

Reviews of Atomic Blonde and Ghost Story
up next   1-3 p,

11)The Who  My Generation instrumental under review

12)Roger Miller  Me & Bobby McGee

13)John E Funk and the Skunks  Piece of Pie

14)Neil Sedaka  Stupid Cupid

15)Cindy Latin  Flyin' Home

Music bed: Stairway to Heaven BACKWARDS

by Zed Leppelin    Nileppez Del

17)Blue Manic  "Stoned"

18) Peter Noone "I Don't Want To Love You (But You Got Me Anyway")

19)Elsewhere  "1981"

20)David Bowie   "Blackstar"

21)Positive Negative Man "Newport Beach"

22)Jodie Foster interviews Joe Vig

23)Air Traffic Controller  "Hurry, Hurry"

24)Little Eva   "The Loco-Motion"

25)Peter Calo - Elephants Never Forget

26)Left Hand Does   "I Don't Know if I'm Driving"

27)Ronnie Spector  "Say Goodbye To Hollywood"

28)Laurence Juber   "I Only Want To Be With You"

29)Eric Lee  "Hands of Fortune"

30)Emmitt Rhodes  "Lullaby"

31)Sidney Green Street Band   Last Beer and Testament

32)Phobia   "Pretend You're Not Crazy"

33)The Facc-Tones   "Psychic Barber"

34)The New Seekers  "Friends, With a Little Help From My...(Medley)

outtakes, maybe for next week
Gene McDaniels  "Feel Like Making Love"

August 9
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Movie: The Dark Tower
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