Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We Can Get Rid of the Termites This Election Cycle

1,029,150  @ 9:37 am

It won't be the votes that remove them, with that crooked Ed Finn they intend to steal another election, Stat Smith!

But the way Bob Maiocco, Uncle Gene McGillicuddy and TV3 were all removed, by persistence, hard work and exposing the sins of these government officials, that's how they can be removed like rotten fruit off of the vine.

Mark Rumley has been in way too long.

He's a has been.

Time for some crop rotation in Medford.

A complaint being filed to the authorities on the entire rat's nest that is Medford city government...including some very bad rogue cops who give a bad name to the good men and women who are on the force.