Saturday, August 5, 2017

Letters to Lena, Part 1

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Dear Lena,

I hear that you are a very nice person.  A friend told me that you purportedly said "Tell Viglione to knock it off about my daughter."

All due respect, Lena, but your daughter is not as nice as we hear you are.

Here's my letter to her about THE STATE OF THE CITY.

Please tell your daughter to "knock it off" and give us our access TV.

Thank you



Stephanie has left the city in a shambles. A series of 26 photos taken 2:25 pm August 5, 2017 to 2:31 pm. She's running for mayor, so she paints the crosswalks, a quick makeover when Sheridan Ave is cracked and falling apart.

You are charged to pay on fractured parking spots, finally freshly painted, but does the yellow stripe in the middle of the road look like it is newly painted or fading? 

Need a parking spot? Plenty in pay-to-park land. Paul "now we can find parking" Camuso thinks this is a good thing. " 

Tell that to the businesses who have to work for a living, Mr. Camuso. 

Tennis anyone?

How are Cancun and Timbuktu treating you lately? 

Camuso clan? How many vacations do they go on? and isn't there a city council ordinance limiting vacation time to/for people in the corner office, Jeanine?
Img  5594  Yellow line painted?

The vertical lines on dangerous Sheridan have no horizontal lines as the crosswalks in front of Dunkin Donuts Haines Sq (pictured) have.

img_5599, previous  Img_5598
below  IMG_5560

 img 5604

Be seated at the bus stop, Dr. Rabies, if you dare.

Perhaps Rabies left his trash behind.  Disgusting.

Woburn Sky from last night August 4
At 2:34 pm you have a bench for the bus at Garfield and Salem that is a mess. 

So a City Council President who would rather file false charges in criminal court than clean up the city, a negligent mayor allegedly not even showing up for work on many days, councilor Marks too busy fighting with Mark Rumley, useless George Scarpelli too busy defending himself in a civil case regarding the Otis Mass broomstick rape of a 16 year old, John Falco pontificating, Fred Dello Russo complicating, Adam Knight obfuscating, Caraviello befogging not only Medford issues but his own personal life, and this is what you get, Medford. 

Angry government officials who hate the messenger. As Pat Fiorello would say "The camera don't lie." Or as that old saying goes, a picture's worth a thousand words. Stephanie Muccini-Burke has wrecked this city in the 32 months that she has been in office. 

a nip bottle!
Possible evidence that Lena's son-in-law is stalking me again!   Alcohol on Salem St... Drink up!

These pictures show what a mess a small part of the city is in. It is like this everywhere in Medford, Stephanie. There's the door.

Sidewalks and streets full of litter and unwanted materials that make any visitor to the city where we live aghast at how we are forced to live.