Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Molestation of the City of Medford Part 1

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Then listen up cops and ADA's ...there are two crimes in Medford that have gone unpunished thus far:

---a 17 year old alleged lacrosse player having In flagrante delicto (Latin: "in blazing offence") allegedly with a teacher we call affectionately "the varsity coach!"
adverb: in flagrante
  1. in the very act of wrongdoing, especially in an act of sexual misconduct.
    "he had been caught in flagrante with the wife of the association's treasurer"
---the cover up being worse than the alleged crime, allegedly two mayors - a current mayor who was Director of Personnel at the time, the ex mayor, the school superintendent who brags that this editor thinks he hides "sexual predators at the high school" (note to Roy, no one is mulling over and "thinking" what they already know about Jenna, Jenna, JENNA! ...remember that little line from the kid's mother that you never even alerted "HE HAS PICTURES OF HER BREASTS!   ) ...and the police chief that even the sainted Don Knotts would run from if the role were offered to him.

Add to that a current mayor being unqualified as "issuing authority" of all things access, abusing the station in a fashion that Philip Roth's worst nightmare in Portnoy's Complaint abused himself!!! (which chicken livers, no less!!!!)

The Varsity Coach / Lacrosse player episode - allegations

The alleged cover up by the police chief, school superintendent and two mayors

and then the Issuing Authority and city solicitor negligent when it comes to what they are the oversight over:
---the 38K plus that Harvey Alberg, Frank Pilleri, Ron Delucia, Cornelius Murphy and Arthur Alan Deluca just can't seem to find as "their" 501c3 is frozen, despite what Harvey Alberg told a judge in Malden on Halloween, 2016.

Good one.  Harvey Alberg claims - allegedly fraudulently - that he has "stepped down" from a frozen 501c3 under investigation by "law enforcement" (the Attorney General's office choice of words) - you know, the 501c3, Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., where Mr. Alberg gave a phony address, 625 High Street, an address that does not even exist.

So if the Feds come looking for Harvey they have to look in bushes across the street from 626 High Street, where Alberg lived before his two different Malden addresses and the 75 Station Landing that the four TV3 cronies used to be at.
How the hell does a city lawyer who SAT on the board of directors then investigate said board of directors and stop the investigation the way Donald Trump wanted Jeff Sessions to stop the Russia investigation.

Jeff Sessions, as repugnant as he is, did the right thing.

Mark Rumley did the wrong thing.

And you don't even need a calculator to do that math.

TO BE CONTINUED...and it is their own damn fault

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