Monday, July 31, 2017

Glass in the Streets! Yikes...

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Just spoke to Phyllis at the DPW 2:15 pm. She is going to take care of it. 

Mary is out for the week on vacation; also e mailed Brian Kerins. Waste Management used to be very good, they've gone downhill in the past six months carelessly just giving a heave-ho to the recycling. Phyllis noted that the driver should have noticed some of the recycling was missing. 

Here are some photos. Council needs to address this.

what a dump!

New England Customer Service @
Mary Menezes, Office Manager, The first 3 photos were sent out with this e mail. Readers of this page get two bonus photos
City Council, Michael Marks, VP
Room 207
85 Geo P Hassett Dr
Medford MA 02155
Hello Ms. Menezes, Waste Management, City Council:
Today when I arrived home I found glass in the middle of Garfield Ave in front of 55 Garfield.


As Adam Knight stated that he has a friend or friends who live directly across the street (who are impacted by such a mess) this is just another example of Waste Management being careless with the removal of trash.

They (Waste Management) were doing a good job but, perhaps, the ten year contract they have with the city has resulted in a dereliction of duty.

If this is happening around the city I suggest the City Council of Medford look into possible breach of contract and get out of the ten year deal, possibly.
Who removes the mess that a careless Waste Management exacts on our city?
The photos are from 1:34 pm today. Also note one of three photos I am enclosing of the condition of the streets under the useless Muccini-Burke Administration which allegedly gives a $150.00 weekly raise to an alleged girlfriend of one of her sons, and another raise for 150$ per week of OUR MONIES after the budget is passed, the gluttony and the free-for-all in a city where the last election was suspicious under the negligent and harassing Edward P. Finn (Mr. Caraviello noted under oath that the slovenly city clerk engaged in a "yelling incident" on or about June 16, 2015. How unprofessional and irresponsible) we pay big bucks for a useless Administration and the trash doesn't get picked up properly under the ten year deal, it gets disposed of in the middle of the street.
Plastics were thrown on the street from the recycling of Tony's Gas - and it wasn't the professional gas station attendants who are nice people, it was Waste Management. As I help another neighbor out with returning the recycling containers back into the yard, I picked up that material without taking a photo.

We citizens do the right thing, and we pay through the nose, so that Stephanie Burke allegedly can hand out pay raises to her hack hires, yet our city is falling apart under 10 year deals for WM, Pay to Park and Comcast.

By the way, when the city council praised a citizen for finding the Comcast contract, Edward P. (for putz) Finn and his dog-ate-the-homework excuse that he couldn't find the contract (doesn't it arrive in a big box from USPS or UPS) was exposed when THIS resident found the document, after a public records request and after repeated visits to the clerk's office. No wonder he hit me, I catch the City Clerk censoring petitions to the council (I'm not the only one!,) leaving trash in front of Alden Chambers - suitable for a wedding with Finn as officiator (uggh) yelling outside Alden Chambers, is Stephanie so desperate to swipe another election (allegedly) that she needs Bozo the Clown as a city clerk?
It's disgusting the broken glass on a street chock full of potholes.  It is a nice blend with Stephanie's broken glass on a chalkboard dulcet tones, not!!!

Oh, that's right, Stephony doesn't discriminate: MOST of the streets in Medford have potholes, while - allegedly - nepotism earns pay raises.

Vote Stephanie out. And clean up the streets of Medford.

Thank you.

Joe Viglione

2:22 pm

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