Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Access TV?? Dishonest Muccini-Burke Drinking Bankrupt Doria's "Amend Free Speech" Kool-Aid

1,019,409 @ 7:44 pm

Remember when the Reprobate's wife,
Doria Pizzotti Alberg, went up to the city council with her nonsensical rallying cry: AMEND FREE SPEECH!

The dishonest access TV station wanted no scrutiny of their financial records, but they wanted to smear and defame every critic looking in to how they abused our cable TV franchise fee.

Stephanie Burke is amending free speech, and it is illegal.

The "issuing authority" is supposed to serve the public, but is terrified about the sex scandal that she allegedly CONSPIRED to cover up.

Allegations of conspiracy
Teacher/student sex
Covering up a crime

A Vote for Stephanie Muccini-Burke is a vote for alleged malfeasance

 Where's the Access TV station?

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