Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Roy Belson is a Danger to your Children, Medford

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July 26, 2015 Stephen Lebert, a screaming maniac, threatened to put a hole in a Malden resident's head.

July 26, 2009, John Ghilain sent officer Mike Leone to the Winchester Hospital with a purported neck injury.

I hear the cops in Medford are pretty pissed off at this reporter right now for "digging up the past."

Well, when a Paul Covino signs off on phony charges on a resident, with the money that individual takes from our city, what do they expect when they don't have the INTEGRITY to understand you can't go around charging people with a felony when the man is innocent as well as being the victim.

Fat old Ed Finn is GUILTY of failing to  show up at trial under subpoena.

Why wasn't Finn arrested by Mr. Covino or Chief Sacco, personally?

Because they were all in on the gleeful false arraignment of an editor who knows what they are all about. 

The police have utilized my information to catch real criminals, but the thanks you get is a Detective on the witness stand in September of 2016 being removed by a judge for giving testimony that is IRRELEVANT.

Then that Detective, Mackowski, mocks me in the hallway "See you in October."  No, Paul, we saw you in September and you were thrown off of a witness stand.

Come January 31, 2017 suddenly the long-time Detective can't recall, he CAN'T RECALL the key evidence because it exonerated his victim.

A detective who can't recall is a chef who intentionally puts rats in the main course.

July 26, 2009 Officer Leone was assaulted by another officer of the law.

August 13, 2009 article, why so long for it to make the paper?

Chief Sacco's euphemisms:

The incident took place July 26 between Ptl. John Ghilain and Ptl. Michael Leone just prior to the 3:30 roll call, where Chief of Police Leo A. Sacco Jr. said Ghilain made a comment to Leone, a 12-year member of the force.

“Words were exchanged, they were heated,” Sacco said. ”[Ghilain] then jumped across the room and it got physical.”

Rather than punching out other cops, they should be investigating a varsity coach and a powerful politician's daughter.  But inappropriate sexual relations between teacher / student is the rule, not the exception under Roy E. Belson, he who didn't let a woman know that her 15 year old son may have had an "Encounter with Jenna" as we nicely put it.

HE HAD PICTURES OF HER BREASTS and reportedly Belson had the audacity not to tell the kid's parents.

How about the BOMB SNIFFING DOGS where your kids get locked down when there's an alleged threat, and Belson and Sacco don't give a damn to alert you, ALLEGEDLY

They are too busy conspiring, in their CONSPIRACY, to drag a reporter into court on false charges.

Roy E. Belson is a danger to your children every second that he stays in power, Paulette.

more to follow. 


Dorothy S. Ingemi, 51, of 25 Fountain St. in Medford, and Nicholas G. Matthews, 21, of 61 I Street in Boston, were arrested shortly after their Greyhound bus arrived in Boston, according to a statement by Medford Police.

"Detective Paul Mackowski and Detective William Haftner were there to greet them," the statement said.

The suspects were apprehended following a tip on the suspects' return to the Boston area, according to the statement. The bus's origin was not released today, and Medford Lieutenant Paul F. Covino could not be reached for comment.

(That's probably because Mr. Covino had to sign off on phony charges so that a secret meeting could be held in a magistrate's chambers to press false charges on an innocent man...allegedly...)

Officer at Medford Police: The teacher had pictures of her breasts!

Mackowski: So what?  We have to go after a blogger resurrecting the crimes of the Medford police

Covino: Got that arraignment document...we know some clerks of court that hate him for ratting them out....let's rub salt in the wound, deliver on the anniversary of the most traumatic moment in his entire life to really stick it to him.

Sacco: Yeah, let's drive up his legal fees and post phony nonsense on the internet and in the Transcript


parody of the rats scurrying around the police station who, somehow, got into the lockers and stole the uniforms!

There's a video of rats scurrying around the police station on Facebook right now.  One of them looks exactly like Mark Rumley...he must have been visiting.   We'll get the video on here after the radio show today.   Forget the weather, we advise all residents to flee Medford on July 26, the cops tend to go insane on this day... 

especially when you post a parody that reflects their true selves more than they will admit, and certainly more than they like

Dead rats, moldy showers reported in Medford police station ...
Nov 30, 2016 - Leaking ceiling tiles, moldy showers and rats have led officers in Massachusetts to protest the conditions of their police headquarters.

Officers Protest 'Deplorable Conditions' at Massachusetts Police Station
Nov 29, 2016 - Police in Medford, Massachusetts, are protesting over what they're ... with dead rats right in front of the station," said Medford Police Officer, ...

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