Saturday, July 22, 2017

Obsessed Harasser Caraviello ONLY GOT OPEN MEETING LAW MATERIALS in JULY!!!!!

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RC Limos proprietor Richard F. Caraviello doesn't give a damn about rules and regulations.

Caraviello lied to the Medford Police Department about the assault by his good friend, ex football player and negligent city clerk Edward P. Finn.

Finn committed a felonious assault on a homosexual senior citizen on or about June 16, 2015, and then lied about it in a police report.

The city councilor, Richard F. Caraviello, also filed a phony police report.

These classless "public servants" want YOU to be honest with the police while they LIE.

They are both dishonest individuals and our elections cannot be trusted when Ed Finn bullies his way around the clerk's office and makes up his own rules.

Finn has edited petitions by residents and makes a phony claim that they have to fit a certain "format."    It goes against the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but the violent city clerk would rather scream and yell, which his pal Caraviello testified to under oath, and then assault a man over sixty.

That Stephanie Muccini-Burke's own husband has a dirty, filthy mouth verbally assaulting the same senior citizen with the "f" word at the Chevalier Theater, in front of witnesses, speaks volumes about how business is conducted.

Court Clerk Brian S. Burke

City Council disgrace Richard F. Caraviello
Violent ex football player Clerk Edward P Finn

These are the thugs, and there is no other word for them, these are the temperamental thugs who bully and harass the citizens of this city; who rape our resources (Mr. Burke, allegedly, uses his office at Middlesex Superior Court like some kind of temp agency; allegedly Jenn Dever Wood has a get-out-of-jail-free-pass if Stephanie Burke gets nasty, which Mrs. Burke is inclined to do quite often - her little "ice queen" routine at La Cascia's in May simply one case in point.) 

So Jenn Dever Wood can simply walk and go back to Michael Sullivan land whenever she damn well pleases, as the allegation goes, if Mrs. Burke throws a nutty.

Remember, Teresa Walsh was bounced...ooops ..."resigned" - yeah, resigned like Paul Manafort "resigning" minutes after Trump had that resignation announced on TV, before Manafort even knew he was no longer on the sinking ship Trump

Trump campaign chairman Manafort resigns after being pushed aside

Aug 19, 2016 - Paul Manafort's resignation comes days after Trump brought in Breitbart ... Manafort did not comment when reached by the AP on Thursday, the ...

Muccini-Burke is a Democrat in name only.

She is every bit as vindictive and creepy as Donald Trump, only proving that stolen power, absolute stolen power corrupts absolutely.

Muccini Burke didn't win the election. It was stolen for her, and her poor performance as mayor with only her sycophant granola crunchers in West Medford kissing her ass, her poor performance, enabled by the pseudo yuppies in West Medford, is doing serious damage to the city of Medford.