Thursday, July 27, 2017

Part of a Letter to Caraviello and city hall

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I intend to sit at the reporter's desk when I choose.  I wrote to Michael Marks about it, but - as usual - Mr. Marks is the ostrich of the city council with his head in the sand until he gets the chance to harangue Mark Rumley - which entertains viewers but doesn't move our city forward.

Mr. Marks is as much of a coward as you are an unqualified fool.   And this is America where free speech is allowed, and civil discourse like this e mail is more desirable than the hypocrisy and abuse of the power of suggestion that our city solicitor likes to employ, in a most shameful way.

You have denied the citizens of Medford to see a council meeting on Facebook live, clearly because you are afraid.  You have NOT fought for the access TV station, yet you used it for a city council meeting this month. The double standards are wrong.

We have no access TV, and hack city councilors either stand in the way and obstruct free speech, or behave like Mr. Marks, running and hiding when it is time to step up to the plate, 5-2 votes be damned.

But what do I know?  I've only studied this council long before Knight and Caraviello became part of it, and having a popular blog and the experience of having interviewed over 1,000 notable guests on television and radio, I understand why the city fears the First Amendment.

Mr. Finn is a big part of the problem, kind of like Igor, the henchman to whichever Dr. Frankenstein - Dello Russo, Camuso, Maiocco or you, takes the throne and thinks he is Hugo Rafael Chavez when, truth be told, Chavez was democratically elected while, with God as my judge, I do not believe that you were.

I intend to be at the reporter's desk when I choose.  You are now on notice.  Brush up on your open meeting law were so busy dragging a good reporter into court on false charges that you didn't do your job.    

Joe Viglione