Monday, July 17, 2017

Loathsome Bad Actors, Incorrigible Impostors -

1,017,933 @ 12;03 am July 18, 2017

Council Vice President Michael Marks
Room 207
Medford City Hall
85 Geo. P. Hassett Drive
Medford, MA 02155

cc: Diversity Office  - Neil Osborne

To Vice President Marks:

There are two topics that I would like to discuss at the 7-18-17 City Council meeting.  

1)Why the Vocational/Technical school got to use the studio 6-14-17 and now the council is using it a month later,
but it is still being denied the public in an election cycle.

2)Participation in cyber-bullying by Councilor Adam Knight

A no confidence vote should be held on Councilor Adam Knight.  

Mr. Knight's boorish behavior towards a Jeanne Martin or a Bob Penta is the rule, not the exception.

Today Twitter PERMANENTLY REMOVED an account called "Reprobate Blog" which illegally used a photograph of a young Joe Viglione, allegedly stolen by either Knight or his accomplices, and with Adam Knight and Doria Pizzotti Alberg - the notorious wife of a true reprobate, Harvey Alberg of MCC TV3, following the malicious smears on that Twitter feed.   Knight's friendship with Matthew Page Lieberman of TV3 should also be noted since the AG's office is investigating the failed non-profit.

We expect - and should demand - more from allegedly "elected" officials (our faith in the last election 2015 non-existent)  and Mr. Knight's  ugly voting record, his abuse of the council to congratulate his pals who are - quite often - not noteworthy or having provided anything of value to life in Medford (I believe Knight is using the council to stump for his own campaign by doing so,) and abusive demeanor does nothing to improve our city, a city rife with problems.   

Mr. Knight is arrogant, unqualified, mumbles while he speaks, and cannot articulate a logical thought. He blabs, runs his mouth off at 78 RPM when the record speed is thirty-three and a third, and is a general nuisance.

Aren't you embarrassed, Vice President Marks, on a council with defendant George Scarpelli and the allegations against him in the newspaper, Rick Caraviello harassing a citizen that defeated him in criminal court (on Saturday morning Caraviello yelled in my window when my car was stopped at 10:57 am at Spring and Central, my neighborhood. Sunday night council president was stalking me again on Salem Street, across from my home at the laundromat where he blasted his horn in violation of Mass General Law Horn, improper use of 730 CMR 7.08(21)  Noise, offensive, unreasonable (squealing tires) M.G.L. c. 90, § 16.  This has been reported to the police and will be filed with the court(s.)

I have filed an e mail complaint on Mr. Caraviello to Chief Sacco for six instances of harassment since the 1/31/17 trial, including attacking the church I go to, and have asked the police to arrest Edward P. Finn, the city clerk, for contempt of court when he failed to show up while under subpoena for the trial that Finn clearly caused.   

Caraviello stated, under oath, that Finn was involved in a yelling incident.  Add up the damage created by Finn, Knight, Caraviello and Dello Russo and we wonder, Mr. Marks, what must go through your mind having to deal with these unseemly individuals masquerading as government officials.



This account has been permanently suspendedTwitter suspends accounts which violate the

I would like to also discuss Mr. Finn's censorship policies when it comes to petitions.

Since we can speculate that the police won't go after Finn or Caraviello, I will be filing a motion with the court regarding Finn's contempt and Caraviello's retaliation.  However, it would be nice to see the city council clean up its own mess and find a way to remove these incorrigible impostors, these loathsome bad actors.

Thank you.